Reduced price! Geese Friend - Dolfi Italian carved wood Sculptures - Made in Italy

Geese Friend - Dolfi Italian carved wood Sculptures - Made in Italy

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This fine wooden sculpture of the boy with geese friend is a real original wood carving that was made in Ortisei, Val Gardena, Italy in the heart of the Dolomites mountains.
This special collection was created by our sculptors, who were based on the wood-carved beggars, who were mostly carved from stone pine, painted or simply stained dark brown, mostly from Val Gardena in the Alps.
In Val Gardena, carving began at the beginning of the 17th century. The wood carvers mainly made statues for churches and religious figures. Beggar production began in the late 17th century. Century. The beggars were part of the rich Gardena production of genre art figures such as the figures representing the four seasons. In the Baroque period, in the 17th and 18th centuries, the production of these figures was very rich; Val Gardena counted up to 300 carvers. The wood carving production was sold through a network of dealers who came from Val Gardena and were located in most of the major European cities. The last production of beggar figures ended at the beginning of the 19th century when the carving of wooden toys became popular in the valley.
The beggars usually come in pairs, female and male. The female beggar carries a bag or an old musical instrument (hurdy-gurdy) and the man carries a stolen baby and something on his back as a back basket.
On the antiques market, these figures are often referred to as South German, although the region of origin is in the former Austrian Tyrol, now South Tyrol in Italy.
Woodcarving Dolfi wanted to give history a gift by proposing a revised collection of high-quality children's creations made from alpine maple to their collectors. If you want a nice gift for your parents or friends, these wooden sculptures will last forever.