Matteo Nativity with 27 figures - brown shades View larger

Matteo Nativity with 27 figures - brown shades

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Attention: the size of each individual figure or animal is in proportion to the size of the standing Joseph.

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The 'Matthew Crib' consists of 27 characters and is offered without a hut. The characters in this nativity scene are Mary, the Baby Jesus, St Joseph, the three wise men, the ox, the donkey, the shepherd with sheep, the shepherd with ducks, the kneeling shepherd boy with bagpipes, the shepherd girl with a basket and jug, the young shepherd boys, the shepherd boy kneeling with his sheep, the camel driver, the camel with saddle, two musician angels, two seated sheep, the standing sheep, the ram, two lambs, the shepherd boy with bimb, the shepherd boy with stick and sheep in his arms and the shepherd boy with water jugs. The presence of all these characters makes the nativity scene very rich and detailed, and makes it possible to create a complete and realistic Christmas scene. Each character is made with great care and attention to detail, using only the best materials and traditional techniques. Although the 'Matthew Crib' is not offered with a hut, it can still be placed in a hut or in a customised Christmas scene, to create a unique and original scene.

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