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Shepherdess with bundle of branches and lantern - brown shades

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Attention: the size of each individual figure or animal is in proportion to the size of the standing Joseph.

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The shepherdess carries a bundle of branches and a lantern to light the way. It is impossible not to notice the realistic expression of the figure, as every detail of her clothes and hair has been sculpted with the utmost precision. The shepherdess appears to be in motion, with the bundle of branches appearing heavy and realistic. This, together with the lantern she is holding, makes it a striking detail, further adding to its realistic quality. Made of high-quality maple wood, this sculpture guarantees durability and strength, while also giving it a refined appearance. The shepherdess holding a bunch of branches and a light is a classic sight in Christmas crib settings. This figure symbolises the role of shepherds in the story of Jesus' birth. It is a common scene - the shepherdess carrying bundles of foliage, with a lighted lantern in tow - that can be seen often and serves to create a vivid image in the minds of many.

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