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Right of Refund 

As a DOLFI customer, you have the right to demand a refund for the return of any product you have purchased from us within 14 days (starting on the day you accepted delivery.) Thus, if you picked up or accepted delivery of the product on Monday, the 1st of the month, you can return the goods up until (and including) Monday, the 15th of the month. In the event that the return period expires on a public holiday, a Saturday, Christmas Day, or New Year's Day, you can wait until the next weekday. You must return or send back the goods to DOLFI before the return period has expired. It is sufficient that you give the goods to the postal service or a parcel delivery service before the return period has expired. The receipt you get when giving the goods to the postal service or parcel delivery service should be kept in order to prove that you have observed the return period. 

If you exercise your right to demand a refund, your money will be refunded 30 day, at the latest, after the goods were sent back and accepted by Dolfi.com


Conditions for Exercising Your Right of Refund 

In order for you to be able to exercise your right of refund, we request that you send us an e-mail, a postal letter, or a fax stating the reason for your dissatisfaction. Please include your customer number and the item number to your explanation. Provided that you exercise your right of refund within the specified period, the amount will be transferred to the customer's account number. 

The goods must be returned to DOLFI in the same condition in which they were purchased and in the same form in which they were delivered – i.e. the same type, characteristics, quality, and quantity. The right of refund is not valid for merchandise which has been used if the nature of the merchandise is such that its use obviously reduces its resale value. 

You must bear the cost (postal fees / delivery charges) for returning the goods to DOLFI yourself. Any shipping fees (in the event that you have commissioned a shipping company to pick up the goods from DOLFI) which may have been incurred will not be remitted. Any costs arising in connection with payment by debit card via the Internet or by bank transfer will likewise not be remitted. You can also cancel the purchase by not accepting delivery of the goods or not picking them up from the postal service. 


Exceptions to the Right of Refund 

The right of refund is not valid for professional dealers. 

Further, the right of refund is also not valid for dealers selling merchandise on consignment, or for persons in the dealer's household. The dealer and his close associates are already very familiar with the goods and therefore do not need the special protection provided to serious buyers by the right of refund.


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