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Saint James of Compostela Wooden Sculpture Catholic Statue to Sell House; After his beheading, according to the Legenda Aurea, his disciples smuggled his body and managed to bring it to the coast of Galicia[18]. The tomb[19] containing his remains would have been discovered in the year 830 by the anchorite Pelagius following a luminous vision[20]. The bishop Theonomous, warned of this prodigy, came to the place and discovered the remains of the Apostle. After this miraculous event, the place was named campus stellae ("field of the star") from which the current name of Santiago de Compostela, the capital of Galicia, derives. Miraculous events would have marked the discovery of the Apostle, such as his appearance at the head of the Christian troops of the reconquest in 840, during the battle of Clavijo and in other subsequent warlike enterprises, whose victories over the Muslims earned him in the popular imagination the nickname of Matamoros (Moor-killer), which lasted from the High Middle Ages in the following centuries.

The tomb became the destination of large pilgrimages in the Middle Ages, so that the place took the name of Santiago (from Sancti Jacobi, in Spanish Sant-Yago) and in 1075 was begun the construction of the great basilica dedicated to him.
The pilgrimage to Santiago, preferably along his "Way", became one of the three main pilgrimages of medieval Christianity. The others were those that led to Jerusalem, the Holy Sepulcher of Jesus and Rome, the tomb of the Apostle Peter, raising the figure of the Bishop of Santiago to the level of the most important figures of Christianity.

In the Catholic Church St. James the Greater is celebrated on July 25.