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Saint Joseph with Child and Lily wood carved statue - color

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Saint Joseph with Child and Lily Woodcarving Catholic Figurines of Saints; This celebration has deep biblical roots; Joseph is the last patriarch to receive the Lord's communications through the humble way of dreams. Like the ancient Joseph, he is the righteous and faithful man (Mt 1:19) whom God has placed as the guardian of his house. He connects Jesus, the messianic king, to the lineage of David. Mary's husband and putative father, he guides the Holy Family in their flight and return from Egypt, retracing the path of the Exodus. Pius IX declared him patron of the universal Church and John XXIII inserted his name into the Roman Canon.

Patronage: Fathers, Carpenters, Workers, Dying, Bursars, Procurators Legal

Etymology: Joseph = added (in the family), from Hebrew

Emblem: Lily

Roman Martyrology: Solemnity of Saint Joseph, husband of the Blessed Virgin Mary: a just man, born of the line of David, he was the father of the Son of God Jesus Christ, who wanted to be called the son of Joseph and to be subject to him as a son to his father. The Church venerates him with special honor as the patron saint, placed by the Lord in charge of his family.