Saint George wood carved statue - stained 3 col. View larger

Saint George wood carved statue - stained 3 col.

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Saint George Statue wood; Saint George Martyr of Lydda

April 23 - Optional Memorial

George, whose tomb is at Lydda (Lod) near Tel Aviv in Israel, was honored, at least by the fourth century, as a martyr for Christ in all parts of the Church. Popular tradition depicts him as the knight who confronts the dragon, a symbol of the intrepid faith that triumphs over the power of the evil one. His memory is also celebrated on this day in the Syrian and Byzantine rites. Few saints can boast of such widespread worship and popular veneration as St. George, knight, martyr of Christ between the third and fourth centuries. The countless churches dedicated to him and the many countries and regions of the world of which he is the patron bear witness to this.

Patronage: Archers, Knights, Soldiers, Scouts, Explorers / Guides AGESCI

Etymology: George = who works the land, from the Greek

Emblem: Dragon, Palm, Standard

St. George, martyr, whose glorious struggle at Despoil or Lydda in Palestine has been celebrated by all Churches from East to West since ancient times.