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Saint Christopher wood carved - brown shades

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Saint Christopher carved in maple wood Wooden Virgin Mary Statue; Saint Christopher is venerated by several Christian denominations as a martyr who was killed during the reign of the 3rd-century Roman emperor Decius (r. 249-251) or, alternatively, under the Roman emperor Maximinus II Daija (r. 308) -313). There seems to be confusion due to the similarity of the names """"Decius"""" and """"Daija"""". However, his veneration appears late in the Christian tradition and spread in the Western Church only in the late Middle Ages , although churches and monasteries were named after him in the 7th century. His most famous legend relates that he carried a child unknown to him across a river before the child revealed himself as Christ He is therefore the patron saint of travelers, and small images of him are often worn around the neck, on a bracelet, in a pocket, or in vehicles by Christians.
St. Christopher is a widespread saint, especially venerated by sportsmen, sailors , ferrymen and travelers . He is venerated as one of the fourteen holy helpers . He has patronage over things related to travel and travelers - against lightning and plague - and patronage over archers . Bachelors ; boatmen ; soldiers ; bookbinders ; epilepsy ; floods ; fruit merchants ; fullers ; gardeners ; a holy death ; sailors ; market porters ; motorists and drivers ; sailors ; storms ; surfers ; toothaches ; mountaineers ; and transportation workers.

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