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Saint Bridget with Candle wood carved statue - color

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Saint Bridget with Candle and Book Outdoor Saint Statues; Saint Bridget of Sweden Religious, foundress

July 23rd

Finsta, Sweden, June 1303 - Rome, July 23, 1373

Co-patroness of Europe, venerated by the faithful for her "Revelations", she was born in 1303 in the castle of Finsta, in Upplandi (Sweden), where she lived with her parents until the age of 12 years. She married Ulf Gudmarson, governor of Östergötland, by whom she had eight children. According to devotional tradition, during the first revelations, Christ would have entrusted her with the task of founding a new monastic order. In 1349 Bridget left Sweden to go to Rome, to obtain a jubilee year and approval for her order, which would have had as its first headquarters the royal castle of Vastena, given to her by King Magnus Erikson. Except for some pilgrimages, she remained in Rome until her death on July 23, 1373. Her canonization took place in 1391 by Pope Boniface IX.

Patronage: Sweden, Europe (John Paul II, 1/10/99)

Etymology: Bridget (as Brigitta) = high, strong, powerful, from Irish

Roman Martyrology: Saint Bridget, religious, who, given in marriage to the legislator Ulfo in Sweden, educated in Christian piety her eight children, urging the same spouse by word and example to a deep life of faith. After her husband's death, she made numerous pilgrimages to the holy places and, after leaving writings on the mystical renewal of the Church from the head to its members and founding the Order of the Most Holy Savior, she passed to heaven in Rome.