Saint Monica with Boat wood carved statue - stained 3 col. View larger

Saint Monica with Boat wood carved statue - stained 3 col.

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Saint Monica with Boat and Rosary Roman Catholic Statues; Saint Monica Mother of Saint Augustine

August 27th

Tagaste, current Song-Ahras, Algeria, 331 - Ostia, Rome, August 27, 387

He was born in Tagaste, an ancient city of Numidia, in 331. as a young woman she studied and meditated on Sacred Scripture. Mother of Augustine of Hippo, she was instrumental in her son's conversion to Christianity. At the age of 39 she became a widow and had to take care of the whole family. On Easter night of 387 she was able to see Augustine, who had moved to Milan, baptized together with all his family, and who was now a deeply convinced Christian. Augustine then decided to move to Africa and dedicate himself to monastic life. In the Confessions, Augustine tells of his spiritual conversations with his mother, which took place in the quiet of the house in Ostia, an intermediate stage on the way to his African destination, receiving comfort and edification from her. Monica died at the age of 56, on August 27, 387, following a very high fever (perhaps due to malaria). She told her children to bury her body wherever they wished, without worrying, but to remember her, wherever they were, at the altar of the Lord.

Patronage: Married women, Mothers, Widows

Etymology: Monica = the lonely one, from Greek

In memory of Saint Monica, who, while still a young girl, married Patriciu's, producing children, among whom was Augustine, for whose conversion she shed many tears and prayed to God. Longing deeply for heaven, she left this life at Ostia in Latium, while on her way back to Africa.