Heilige Anna mit Kind in Holz dargestellt - brown shades View larger

Heilige Anna mit Kind in Holz dargestellt - brown shades

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St Anne is celebrated on 26 July each year. St Anne, also known as St Anne or Anna, is an important figure in Christian tradition. She is considered the mother of the Virgin Mary and the grandmother of Jesus Christ. Although details about her life are scarce in the Gospels, her importance is mainly based on her connection to Mary and the role she played in salvation history.

According to tradition, St Anne was married to a man named Joachim and together they had no children. However, after years of prayer and supplication, both Anne and Joachim received the announcement that they would conceive a daughter. This daughter, Mary, would later become the mother of Jesus.

St Anne is venerated as a figure of great devotion and motherhood. She is often depicted with Mary, holding her child in her arms. Her figure symbolises maternal love, wisdom and faith.

St Anne's Day is celebrated on 26 July in many countries, where the faithful pay homage to her importance in salvation history and ask for her intercession. St Anne is considered an example of faith and dedication, and her artistic representations, such as the wood carving you mentioned, are a way of honouring her sacred figure.

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