St Hedwig of Poland sculpted in wood - brown shades View larger

St Hedwig of Poland sculpted in wood - brown shades

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St Hedwig, or St Jadwiga of Poland, is a saint venerated in the Catholic tradition. Born on 18 February 1373, Hedwig was a Polish princess who became queen of Poland by marrying Grand Duke Ladislaus II Jagellon. She is considered a much-loved and respected figure in Poland for her piety, generosity and dedication to the good of the people.

St Hedwig is remembered for her commitment to the promotion of culture, education and charity. During her reign, she founded numerous charitable institutions, such as hospitals and convents, and supported education and religious training.

Her life was characterised by a deep sense of humility and prayer. St Hedwig was known for her simple lifestyle and her commitment to serving others, especially the poor and needy.

St Hedwig's feast day is celebrated on 17 July, a day on which her life and her example of faith and charity are remembered. Her figure continues to inspire many people to this day because of her dedication to the service of others and her testimony of love for God and neighbour.