Handmade classic wooden toys for kids

DOLFI wooden toys, made of this natural material such as wood and hand dyed with bright colors, has a simple design and is natural, original, environmentally friendly and non-toxic toys. Appropriate for all ages from the first months of life, DOLFI wooden toys are fun, friendly and educational.
DOLFI wood carved toys stimulate the sense of touch, hearing and imagination of every child and are suitable for all ages from the first months of life.
In this collection, DOLFI offers the wooden games of the past that never go out of fashion and are always popular with both adults and children.
In this collection you will find both toys for boys and toys for girls.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 17 items

Here you can buy games online, from wooden blocks for building houses, walls and high towers, to the wooden train with letters, the wooden piano, the famous wooden spinning top that spins around itself and goes far away, the simple puzzle with interlocking animals, the wooden gun, the draft horse and much more.
Wooden toys and games are not only very important tools for the development of the child, but also help parents in education, and the simpler they are, the more effective they are.
The playing child learns to connect with others, exercise the mind by stimulating creativity and imagination.

Our DOLFI wooden toys are of the highest quality, safe and durable, so your children can play safely.
You can also find many toys on sale in our outlet category, suitable for any occasion.
Children love to receive gifts and surprises, not only at Christmas or Easter, or anniversary or a birthday celebration.

In our headquarters the DOLFILAND in Val Gardena, Italy, there is a play area with colorful tables and chairs for all the little guests who can have fun painting wooden boards and building three-dimensional wooden puzzles.
Also, outside on the terrace there is a playground for children who can let off steam while mom and dad go shopping in the pretty wooden houses of DOLFILAND.