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In addition to the design of wooden statues of all sizes and models, DOLFI has greatly expanded its range with glass fiber statues or polyresin church figures. Fiberglass is an innovative synthetic material made from reinforced resin and glass fibers. DOLFI Art Studio produces in its own art workshops with numerous artists and sculptors, church statues in various sizes of at least 60 cm, 80 cm, 100 cm, 120 cm and 150 cm, inch 24, 32-inch, 36-inch, 40-inch, 42-inch 48-inch 50-inch, 60 inch.
How are glass fiber sculpture created? In order to create a plastic sculpture, the original wooden model must be available, from which a shape is made that shows exactly all details, facets, subtleties, knife cuts, shapes and waves of a statue carved in wood. So, it is a photocopy, a restoration or also called replica and duplicate of the wooden model without changing the beauty and naturalness of the sculpture. Only a true connoisseur distinguishes a wooden statue from a plastic one.

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Particularly noteworthy is the lightness, the low and very demanding price and the possibility of exposing, the exceptional outstanding high-quality statues, also outside, since the statues are painted and decorated with colors, the UV rays and atmospheric events such as rain, Withstand cold, heat and bad weather.
For hand-painting with brushes, soft pastel colors are used or colored with acrylic colors in white or bronze, which are always suitable for outdoor use.
These statues of saints are classic, baroque and modern glass fiber statues and are particularly loved by churches and parishes and are in demand from places of pilgrimage and shrines all over the world. Polyresin figures are also very suitable as garden statues, figures for outdoors and statues of remembrance and prayer, memorial statues.
The fiberglass collection of Statues large life size resin figures created by DOLFI offers the following figures: the classic Holy Family with Mary, the baby Jesus and St. Joseph, the Risen Christ, the body of Christ and the crucifix, the baby Jesus, the Madonna of Fatima, the Madonna and Child, Our Lady of Lourdes, Madonna of Medjugorje, the miraculous Madonna and Immaculate Madonna, the Lady of grace, Sacred Heart of Mary, Saint Joseph with child, Saint Rita with cross, the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Saint Anthony of Padua, The Child Jesus of Prague, Saint Francis of Assisi and many other saints.
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