Holy Stoups - holy water

A holy water font is a container of holy water usually placed near the entrance of a church or home.
It is often attached to the underside of a crucifix or a religious image of a wood carving. Holy water vats are used in Catholic churches, Anglican churches, and some Lutheran churches to make the sign of the cross with holy water before entering the church.
The holy water is blessed by a priest or deacon and is a sign of benediction for Christians.
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Showing 1 - 12 of 12 items
It is a centuries-old tradition that is especially common in southern Italy. There are different types of holy water fountains.

The holy water kettle in ceramic, terracotta, majolica or antique kettles. The company DOLFI from Val Gardena has been producing wooden religious holy water fonts articles since 1892.
In our workshops we always select the best piece of wood, which is hand-finished and varnished to make each wood carving holy water font, Holy Stoups, holy water container for home wooden unique and unmistakable.
The experience of our artists is combined with the use of increasingly advanced technologies to handmade this wooden holy water fonts.

And so the past marries with the future to create small masterpieces of art.
The collection of DOLFI holy water basins carved in wood is enriched with the decoration of the head of Christ, the relief angel, the Madonna or simply more modern and stylized.
Choose the most suitable wooden Holy water kettle, holy water basin and holy water jugs carved from wood, for your collection of water bowls or for your interior, fill the wooden basin with holy water, place it at the entrance of your home and it will be for protection for the house or her apartment and the family unit.