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  • Jesus crosses, body of...
    The crucifix is the representation of Christianity. For Christians, Christ is love, hope and redemption.
    The representation of Christ on the cross is the most common symbol in houses and churches.
    Dolfi's proposed collections of Jesus wall crosses, body of Christ, wooden crucifix for sale is made in South Tyrol Val Gardena Italy.
    The Dolfi crucifixes and crosses are made from local woods like Linden wood, bass wood, maple wood, swiss pine wood, ash wood, walnut wood.

    Most of our wood carved sculptures are completely handmade, so that each sculpture always looks unique and exclusive.
    According to the different ones like Modern, linear or old-style crucifixes were created, Baroque style with the most varied dimensions from 3 inches to several foot in Hight and also Lifesize till 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 foot and more.
    Christ's body can be obtained loose or made on the cross from natural or patinated wood in various shades of brown or gray.
    The crucifix Raffaello, named after its artist and master wood sculptor, is very well known with the cloth in different colors, light blue, white cloth, white gold, red or entirely in gold made of gold leaf or striking metal with light-dark shades.
    The expression of this baroque crucifix is touching.

    The thorns are individually carved into the inclined head, as are the nails in the hands and feet, which gives to the wood carving a feeling of deep pain.
    The artistic sculpture, skillfully shaped in every detail, almost appeals to the viewer.
    The Leonardo crucifix is very well known to lovers of modern art, with a simple but very artistic line that is available in various sizes and designs.
    The range of crucifixes extends to crosses for children. These are carved in wood and have the image of little angels with pink or light blue tones inside; and they can be customized for different occasions such as baptisms, confirmations, name days and different anniversaries.

    Our collections of bodies of Christ also different styles and material such as: olive wood hanging wall crosses, Benedict crucifixes, hand carved Jesus crosses, handmade catholic crucifixes, rustic wood crafted Celtic cross, wood carved rugged crosses, patinated Val Gardena Jesus Crist Corpus, natural wood hand painted corpus of Jesus, Resurrection crosses, plastic crosses made of bronze and synthetic resin crosses made of fiberglass, weatherproof crosses, colored Christ body and Lord God, devotional wall crosses, wooden crosses and decorative crosses, brightly colored with curved or straight cross and bars, Christ body carved out of wood for crosses.
    Visit our world of crucifixes now and be surprised by the variety, quality and reasonable prices of our handicrafts!
  • Holy Stoups - holy water
    A holy water font is a container of holy water usually placed near the entrance of a church or home.
    It is often attached to the underside of a crucifix or a religious image of a wood carving. Holy water vats are used in Catholic churches, Anglican churches, and some Lutheran churches to make the sign of the cross with holy water before entering the church.
    The holy water is blessed by a priest or deacon and is a sign of benediction for Christians.
    It is a centuries-old tradition that is especially common in southern Italy. There are different types of holy water fountains.

    The holy water kettle in ceramic, terracotta, majolica or antique kettles. The company DOLFI from Val Gardena has been producing wooden religious holy water fonts articles since 1892.
    In our workshops we always select the best piece of wood, which is hand-finished and varnished to make each wood carving holy water font, Holy Stoups, holy water container for home wooden unique and unmistakable.
    The experience of our artists is combined with the use of increasingly advanced technologies to handmade this wooden holy water fonts.

    And so the past marries with the future to create small masterpieces of art.
    The collection of DOLFI holy water basins carved in wood is enriched with the decoration of the head of Christ, the relief angel, the Madonna or simply more modern and stylized.
    Choose the most suitable wooden Holy water kettle, holy water basin and holy water jugs carved from wood, for your collection of water bowls or for your interior, fill the wooden basin with holy water, place it at the entrance of your home and it will be for protection for the house or her apartment and the family unit.
  • Catholic Female Saint...
    Dolfi offers a large selection of wooden figures and religious statues of wooden sculptures that represent the Holy Saint Women, and they are made from different types of wood such as Maple wood, linden wood, olive wood, ash wood, pine wood and decorative wood. These woods come from the forests of Trentino South Tyrol in Italy.
    This collection of sculptures shows the blessed and holy merciful women dedicated to our holy Lord and God. Our protectors, those who have written the history of our Christian Catholic religion, are each characterized by an extraordinary work of charity and miracle. The religious Dolfi wooden sculptures are pre-carved and then carved and hand-made by our experienced sculptors and artists. Our Master carvers hand carve the surfaces of the sculptures, smooth the surfaces, after they are hand-painted by our experienced painters using brushes and oil or water colors.

    The collection of our holy women, which were also carved from the best high-quality woods and selected from the forests of Val Gardena, includes the following dimensions:
    The sizes of these blessed woman carved wood carvings include at least 2-inch-high holy women figures and sit with the 3-inch, 4-inch, 5-inch, 6-inch, 8-inch, 10-inch, 12-inch, 14-inch, 16-inch, 18 inch, 20- and 22-inch, cont. While the statues and sculptures are made of linden wood, the sizes measure from 24-inch 26-inch, 28-inch, 30-inch, 32-inch, 34-inch, 36-inch, 38-inch, 40-inch, 42-inch, 44-inch, 46-inch, 48-inch, 50-inch, 52-inch, 54-inch, 56-inch, 58 inch and 60 inch or 6 - 8- 10 food inch and infinite in height, and are handmade by our specialist sculptors.
    We also manufacture on request and on behalf of our customers;

    We realize according to customer needs: these statues, which are ordered on request and on commission, often have a working time of at least three weeks for work in 12inch and 16inch, until several months for life-size statues that reach 2-foot, 3-foot, 4-foot, 5-foot, 6-foot, 7-foot, 8-foot, 9-foot 10 foot and beyond. Any size and any 3D-project on customer request can be carried out on customer needs.

    The special beauty of these statues is their blissful and gentle expression, which can give emotions to those who watch them. The wood can be modeled and the clothes seem to float in the wind. They are not static statues, but they live because wood is a living and natural material and adapts to the place where it is exposed to the outside temperature due to UV rays and outdoor color.
    To own a wooden sculpture of a wood carved Holy Woman of the highest artistic quality is surely a gift of love full of meaning, suitable for places of pilgrimage, churches, dioceses, cemeteries, shrines, public buildings, private houses, courtyards and gardens.
    DOLFI presents a wide range of the most famous saints and blessed women: Saint Therese of Lisieux with the roses, Saint Irmgard with the crown, Saint Apolonia, her attribute is a pair of pliers holding a tooth, she is the protector of the dentists. Saint Ottilia, Saint Odilia (also called Odilie, Odile or Ottilie, also called Saint of Hohenbourg, her attribute is a book with two eyes. Saint Ursula is shown with an arrow. Saint Agnes has a lamb on her book as attribute.

    Saint Anna is depicted with her daughter next to her, Saint Margareth also called Margaretha, Margarethe, Margarete, her attribute is a cross or a dragon at her feet, Saint Elisabeth with her jug, Saint Catherine or Caterine with a cogwheel , Saint Dorothea or Dorotea with basket of flowers and fruits, Saint Veronica or Veronika with cloth and picture of Christ, Saint Hedwig or Hedeige with book and church, Saint Magdalena with ointment ampoule, Saint Cecilia Cecily, her attribute is an organ, Saint Barbara with tower and three Windows, Saint Christina, Cristine or Kristine with book and palm tree, Saint Juliane with chain and devil, Saint Rita with crucifix, Saint Theresa or Terese or Teresa with cross and roses , Mother Theresa of Calcutta, Saint Clare with book and chalice.
    Can't find your personalized Holy carved wood Sculpture in your city?

    Email us to info@dolfi-wood.com with a photo and the required size and a brief description of your needs. We will then produce the wood carving for you. The characteristic of every woodcarving of saint figure is that each carving is represented with a different attribute that distinguishes and personalizes it.
    Click on the link below, Figure of the Holy Women, to find your saint or patron saint, who is lovingly carved with the color and design and type of wood of your choice.
  • Statues Fiberglass...
    In addition to the design of wooden statues of all sizes and models, DOLFI has greatly expanded its range with glass fiber statues or polyresin church figures. Fiberglass is an innovative synthetic material made from reinforced resin and glass fibers. DOLFI Art Studio produces in its own art workshops with numerous artists and sculptors, church statues in various sizes of at least 60 cm, 80 cm, 100 cm, 120 cm and 150 cm, inch 24, 32-inch, 36-inch, 40-inch, 42-inch 48-inch 50-inch, 60 inch.
    How are glass fiber sculpture created? In order to create a plastic sculpture, the original wooden model must be available, from which a shape is made that shows exactly all details, facets, subtleties, knife cuts, shapes and waves of a statue carved in wood. So, it is a photocopy, a restoration or also called replica and duplicate of the wooden model without changing the beauty and naturalness of the sculpture. Only a true connoisseur distinguishes a wooden statue from a plastic one. Particularly noteworthy is the lightness, the low and very demanding price and the possibility of exposing, the exceptional outstanding high-quality statues, also outside, since the statues are painted and decorated with colors, the UV rays and atmospheric events such as rain, Withstand cold, heat and bad weather.
    For hand-painting with brushes, soft pastel colors are used or colored with acrylic colors in white or bronze, which are always suitable for outdoor use.
    These statues of saints are classic, baroque and modern glass fiber statues and are particularly loved by churches and parishes and are in demand from places of pilgrimage and shrines all over the world. Polyresin figures are also very suitable as garden statues, figures for outdoors and statues of remembrance and prayer, memorial statues.
    The fiberglass collection of Statues large life size resin figures created by DOLFI offers the following figures: the classic Holy Family with Mary, the baby Jesus and St. Joseph, the Risen Christ, the body of Christ and the crucifix, the baby Jesus, the Madonna of Fatima, the Madonna and Child, Our Lady of Lourdes, Madonna of Medjugorje, the miraculous Madonna and Immaculate Madonna, the Lady of grace, Sacred Heart of Mary, Saint Joseph with child, Saint Rita with cross, the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Saint Anthony of Padua, The Child Jesus of Prague, Saint Francis of Assisi and many other saints.
    Visit our online shop to see all the latest news on statuary sacral art of the highest quality and moderate prices accessible to everyone.

  • Virgin Mary relief wood
    The Val Gardena wood relief Madonna sculptures are famous all over the world.
    The sculptures of the Val Gardena wood relief Madonnas are carved up to 24 cm in maple wood, the larger ones in lime wood, carefully selected, stored and hand painted with oil paints to show the grain and the liveliness of the carved wood.

    On this wooden figure there are well over 70 steps of craftsmanship that only hands with years of absolute experience, passion and dedication can create to give life to each creation.
    Discover the world of Val Gardena Madonna's relief wood carved with child on our new online page for wooden statues!
  • Religious statues in...
    Religious cjristian statues made of wood-poly-resin material:
    The high demand for wooden artworks and religious motifs led our company Dolfi to look for a new collection, cheaper but of comparable quality in relation to traditional wood carving. Thus, was born the DOLFI collection of religious articles made of resin mixed with wood chips.
    This material is a paste of wood dust, resin, vegetable oil and solvents that is easily moldable and does not require catalysts or heat sources.
    The very first operation for the creation of a work in this polyresin wood paste is the realization of the wooden model.
    The experience of our master sculptors comes from a rich and traditional research in religious art. From the original wooden model, a mold is made, from which the wooden figure in wood pulp is obtained, retouched and painted by hand.
    The painting process is the same as for religious wood carvings. We use oil paints of the highest quality.
    The elegant decorations enriched with gold leaf are due to the skillful hands of our painters. Sacral art of resin figurines DOLFI includes many saints and Madonna’s.
    Among the statues of saints that stand out, we propose St. Francis, St. Anthony, St. Joseph, Sacred Heart of Jesus, St. Michael, St. George, St. Francis, St. Peter and Paul, St. Teresa and many other saintly statues. Among the most famous Madonna’s are Our Lady with Child, as well as Our Lady of Lourdes and Our Lady of Fatima, Our Lady of Medjugorje and the Immaculate Conception Adorer of Mary figure, and at Christmas the Holy Families cannot be missed.
    The model and the mold are identical: this means that you can use the model to make molds.
    This is useful to explain the attention we pay to the realization of the models: we consider it very important to proceed in most cases to the realization of a provisional model to be able to test before proceeding to the final production mold.
    Discover the way DOLFI of religious sculptures catholic christian statues resin figurines, on our new website online!
    Have you wondered where to buy these cheap statues of high quality? Visit our online store and discover the history of woodcarving DOLFI since 1892 full of tradition and expertise from South Tyrol.
  • Madonna with child in...
    The depiction of the Madonna has always belonged to the ancient representation of the Madonna of Christianity.
    In the 12th century after Christ the first Marian representations can be found, and the adorations of Mary as Mother of God often depicted praying or with the Child in Hand began.

    The DOLFI Madonna’s, Madonna and child and Wooden Carved Virgin Mary, wood carving statues collection, includes over 1000 different wood carved blessed Madonnas with and without child statues of sizes and executions and are produced by our skilled artisan master sculptors from Val Gardena in Trentino Alto Adige, Italy.
    The wooden and hand-painted statues of the Madonna of Val Gardena are represented by DOLFI as religious sculptures and wood carved statues of different sizes sculpted in maple wood and olive wood from 3 inch to 4 inch and 5 inches to then move on to 6-inch, 8-inch, 10-inch, 12-inch, 14 inch and 16 inches.

    The larger statues, on the other hand, are often requested in bass wood, linden wood, lime wood, stone pine or Swiss pine-wood, ash wood, walnut wood, oak wood, mahogany wood, cherry wood and fir wood. Furthermore, DOLFI has been producing Madonna’s in glass resin, fiberglass, bronze, marble for indoor and outdoor use as well. The largest statues of Madonna’s, for churches, have a size of 20 inch, 24 inch, 32 inch, 36 inch, 40 inch, 44 inch, 48 inch, 60 inch, 72 -inch, 80-inch, 3-foot, 5-foot, 6-foot, 7-foot, 8-foot, 10 foot.
    Any requested size of a Madonna or any 3-dimensional statue, representation or relief or 3/4relief can be made on request at your requested size. Just send us a photo, a drawing, an idea of your sculpture and the dimensions and we will manufacture your personalized sculpture to info@dolfi-wood.com .

    The cost of a DOLFI Madonna is subject to the level of difficulty in carving. The production of Tyrolean Madonna’s can vary with baroque style, modern style, stylized or design lines Madonna’s.
    The dispatch takes place on average within 5 days after receipt of the payment. Payment is easy and safe. And so is the right of return, quickly and free of charge.
  • Catholic Male Saints...
    Hand carved wooden figures and sculptures
    Val Gardena in South Tyrol is famous for its precious wooden figures and for its centuries-old tradition of wood carvers.
    Devoted to this profession for generations, we at DOLFI still offer excellent wooden statues of the highest quality.
    We make figures of Saints Male famous all over the world from Padre Pio to Saint Francis of Assisi, from Saint Anthony to Saint Joseph and all the known saints of our Bible. International Saints such as Saint Jacob of Compostela, Medina Caeli, Saint Benedict.

    To enrich the collection of statues there are the figures of Saints Female also known all over the world for their grace and devotion to God, we remember the famous Saint Rita, Saint Teresa of Calcutta, Saint Clare, and all the Saints and Patrons which are distinguished by their attribute as Saint Anna who is depicted with the book and a girl, or as St. Catherine of Siena with the wheel or as Elizabeth of Hungary with the jug of water or St. Barbara protector of the seas depicted with the lighthouse.
    All these renowned wood carved figures are part of the collection of the woodcarving statues of Saints of the DOLFI who, despite decades have passed, we still remember them, venerate and love them today.

    The DOLFI statues show the high-quality wooden statues of Saints in great detail both in the expression of the face and in the posture.
    The clothes are so finely sculpted that they seem to float in the wind, this extraordinary ability of our sculptors to give movement to a wooden statue, the human expression so much that it makes you want to talk to them and adore them.
    In our assortment of wood carved Figurines, you will find a wide choice from hundreds of wooden saints and if you do not find the saint you are looking for, DOLFI will realize it in a few weeks on your personal exclusive commission, fulfilling your personal request.

    Our skilled Italian wood carvers from Val Gardena are able to create your wood carved saint statue from a simple photo or image of a painting and in a short time you will have your personal statue carved by hand in wood directly from Val Gardena to your home.
    A work of art that does not lose value over time but acquires some.
    Regardless of what you opt for, we will use only European alpine wood painted by hand with non-toxic oil colors from the German brand Lukas.
    The larger models are mainly carved in linden wood or bass wood and pine wood, for smaller religious figures we use maple, ash or acacia wood. Shop wood carvings online now!
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Showing 1 - 12 of 889 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 889 items
Our production of DOLFI statues and figurines of sacred art and wooden saints from Val Gardena, made in Italy, began in 1892.
The catholic figures and statues of saints are for sale for individuals, retailers and wholesalers on our online website.
The sacred statues can be new wood carved contemporary style or we also offer ancient sacred statues with antique statues hand painting finish.

The religious figurines produced in our DOLFI STUDIOS factory of religious wood carved statuary in Ortisei are catholic statues for home and since a few years we have also been producing religious statues for outdoor and garden use.
The sale of outdoor saint statues has increased over the years with our collection of statues in resin and fiberglass of Mother Mary, Madonna’s and catholic patron saint male statues and catholic patron saint female statues used for catholic church statues for sale on out online shop. The sale and reproduction of famous catholic garden statues is therefore more suitable in fiberglass than in basswood, linden or maple wood, given the greater resistance of the material and of the colors over time.

For the garden we do not recommend catholic wood carved statues, unpainted plaster religious statues or gypsy statues which, compared to religious fiberglass statues, have a shorter duration over time.
Our artists produce also big life size large fiberglass statues with bronze, white and silver finish, for sale. Very suitable are our marble and marble powder religious statues molds for cemeteries, sanctuaries and shrines and the bronze statues for tombs and statues for funeral monuments.
This church supply Ars Sacra statuary, used figures and vintage religious statues and crucifix statues for sale are often also adapted as statues for tombstones and the prices for both the final consumer and the retailer and wholesaler are visible on our site, by registering with your Company VAT number in the appropriate folder it is possible to view the wholesale.

The sale and distribution of sacred religious statues and the Dolfi collection of religious statuary is carried out on sale our online site and through our numerous distributors in world like the domestic discount church supply company with warehouse and free religious supplies store near me like United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, South, America, Europe, Poland, France, Spain Germany, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Philippines, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Russia, Congo Italy, Colombia, South Africa, Argentina, Ukraine, Kenya, United Kingdom, Tanzania, People's Republic of China, India, Uganda, Venezuela, Peru, Madagascar.