Hand carved christian wooden religious statues

A Christian church statues collection in wood, rich in art, culture and history. Dolfi presents its handmade wood carvings, statues carved in wood in all sizes from 5 inches to 10 foot and more. The wooden figures are presented in various designs (colors) differently: N means wood sculpture made of natural untreated wood, C are the colored wooden statues painted by hand by brush and natural oil colors, 3G means 3 colored stained and glazed, which means that the painter uses only the brown color and shades it in the different gradations, and finally we have the light, medium and dark patinated. This is a special technique where the wood carved statue is being stained with water stain and then brushed with a wax that makes the statue glow. These techniques are done individually for each sculpture, which gives each wood sculpture, originality. No figure of a wooden holy Virgin Lady or Madonna, or wooden crucifix or wooden holy Female woman or wooden holy male man will have the same expression or appearance. This is the big difference between a resin statue and a wooden holy figure.
In our wide assortment of religious statuary, you do not find the patron saint of your city or of your devotion? Are you looking for a less known Saint statue, but for you important Holy saint? Then contact us, we can realize the wooden custom statue for you on request;
Just send us a product request of the desired wooden sculpture to info@dolfi.com and you will receive in the shortest possible time a quote and the delivery date for the production of the wooden sacred statue of your dreams.
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  • Jesus Crosses, body of...
    The crucifix is the representation of Christianity. For Christians, Christ is love, hope and redemption.
    The representation of Christ on the cross is the most common symbol in houses and churches.
    Dolfi's proposed collections of Jesus wall crosses, body of Christ, wooden crucifix for sale is made in South Tyrol Val Gardena Italy.
    The Dolfi crucifixes and crosses are made from local woods like Linden wood, bass wood, maple wood, swiss pine wood, ash wood, walnut wood.
  • Holy Stoups - holy water
    A holy water font is a container of holy water usually placed near the entrance of a church or home.
    It is often attached to the underside of a crucifix or a religious image of a wood carving. Holy water vats are used in Catholic churches, Anglican churches, and some Lutheran churches to make the sign of the cross with holy water before entering the church.
    The holy water is blessed by a priest or deacon and is a sign of benediction for Christians.
  • Catholic Female Saint...
    Dolfi offers a large selection of wooden figures and religious statues of wooden sculptures that represent the Holy Saint Women, and they are made from different types of wood such as Maple wood, linden wood, olive wood, ash wood, pine wood and decorative wood. These woods come from the forests of Trentino South Tyrol in Italy.
    This collection of sculptures shows the blessed and holy merciful women dedicated to our holy Lord and God. Our protectors, those who have written the history of our Christian Catholic religion, are each characterized by an extraordinary work of charity and miracle. The religious Dolfi wooden sculptures are pre-carved and then carved and hand-made by our experienced sculptors and artists. Our Master carvers hand carve the surfaces of the sculptures, smooth the surfaces, after they are hand-painted by our experienced painters using brushes and oil or water colors.
  • Sacred Statues...
    In addition to the design of wooden statues of all sizes and models, DOLFI has greatly expanded its range with glass fiber statues or polyresin church figures. Fiberglass is an innovative synthetic material made from reinforced resin and glass fibers. DOLFI Art Studio produces in its own art workshops with numerous artists and sculptors, church statues in various sizes of at least 60 cm, 80 cm, 100 cm, 120 cm and 150 cm, inch 24, 32-inch, 36-inch, 40-inch, 42-inch 48-inch 50-inch, 60 inch.
    How are glass fiber sculpture created? In order to create a plastic sculpture, the original wooden model must be available, from which a shape is made that shows exactly all details, facets, subtleties, knife cuts, shapes and waves of a statue carved in wood. So, it is a photocopy, a restoration or also called replica and duplicate of the wooden model without changing the beauty and naturalness of the sculpture. Only a true connoisseur distinguishes a wooden statue from a plastic one.

  • Virgin Mary relief wood
    The Val Gardena wood relief Madonna sculptures are famous all over the world.
    The sculptures of the Val Gardena wood relief Madonnas are carved up to 24 cm in maple wood, the larger ones in lime wood, carefully selected, stored and hand painted with oil paints to show the grain and the liveliness of the carved wood.

    On this wooden figure there are well over 70 steps of craftsmanship that only hands with years of absolute experience, passion and dedication can create to give life to each creation.
    Discover the world of Val Gardena Madonna's relief wood carved with child on our new online page for wooden statues!
  • Religious statues in...
    Religious cjristian statues made of wood-poly-resin material:
    The high demand for wooden artworks and religious motifs led our company Dolfi to look for a new collection, cheaper but of comparable quality in relation to traditional wood carving. Thus, was born the DOLFI collection of religious articles made of resin mixed with wood chips.
    This material is a paste of wood dust, resin, vegetable oil and solvents that is easily moldable and does not require catalysts or heat sources.
    The very first operation for the creation of a work in this polyresin wood paste is the realization of the wooden model.
  • Madonna with child in...
    The depiction of the Madonna has always belonged to the ancient representation of the Madonna of Christianity.
    In the 12th century after Christ the first Marian representations can be found, and the adorations of Mary as Mother of God often depicted praying or with the Child in Hand began.

    The DOLFI Madonna’s, Madonna and child and Wooden Carved Virgin Mary, wood carving statues collection, includes over 1000 different wood carved blessed Madonnas with and without child statues of sizes and executions and are produced by our skilled artisan master sculptors from Val Gardena in Trentino Alto Adige, Italy.
    The wooden and hand-painted statues of the Madonna of Val Gardena are represented by DOLFI as religious sculptures and wood carved statues of different sizes sculpted in maple wood and olive wood from 3 inch to 4 inch and 5 inches to then move on to 6-inch, 8-inch, 10-inch, 12-inch, 14 inch and 16 inches.
  • Catholic Male Patron...
    Hand carved wooden figures and sculptures
    Val Gardena in South Tyrol is famous for its precious wooden figures and for its centuries-old tradition of wood carvers.
    Devoted to this profession for generations, we at DOLFI still offer excellent wooden statues of the highest quality.
    We make figures of Saints Male famous all over the world from Padre Pio to Saint Francis of Assisi, from Saint Anthony to Saint Joseph and all the known saints of our Bible. International Saints such as Saint Jacob of Compostela, Medina Caeli, Saint Benedict.
  • Holy Memories and...
    Over the years our wood carver company Dolfi from Val Gardena has opened several flagship stores in Italy.
    The most important DOLFI SHOP for religious articles is the Christian Dolfi art shop in Padua, in Via del Santo street, opposite the Basilica of St. Anthony, called "Il Santo" by the Paduans, one of the greatest works of art in the world, a place rich in culture, history and spirituality, known all over the world and visited all year round, also by millions of tourists.
    For the numerous requests for figures of St. Anthony in various designs and sacred and religious souvenirs in wood, the Dolfi factory has created a wide range of sacred memorabilia and religious souvenirs to meet the needs of all believers.
    In our online offer you will find a wide range of sacred gift items of various kinds, from wooden statues, crucifixes, hand charms, religious magnets, devotional images and much more; equally valuable and economically useful devotional items and gifts.
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Showing 1 - 12 of 967 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 967 items
Our production of DOLFI statues and figurines of sacred art and wooden saints from Val Gardena, made in Italy, began in 1892.
The catholic figures and statues of saints are for sale for individuals, retailers and wholesalers on our online website.
The sacred statues can be new wood carved contemporary style or we also offer ancient sacred statues with antique statues hand painting finish.

The religious figurines produced in our DOLFI STUDIOS factory of religious wood carved statuary in Ortisei are catholic statues for home and since a few years we have also been producing religious statues for outdoor and garden use.
The sale of outdoor saint statues has increased over the years with our collection of statues in resin and fiberglass of Mother Mary, Madonna’s and catholic patron saint male statues and catholic patron saint female statues used for catholic church statues for sale on out online shop. The sale and reproduction of famous catholic garden statues is therefore more suitable in fiberglass than in basswood, linden or maple wood, given the greater resistance of the material and of the colors over time.

For the garden we do not recommend catholic wood carved statues, unpainted plaster religious statues or gypsy statues which, compared to religious fiberglass statues, have a shorter duration over time.
Our artists produce also big life size large fiberglass statues with bronze, white and silver finish, for sale. Very suitable are our marble and marble powder religious statues molds for cemeteries, sanctuaries and shrines and the bronze statues for tombs and statues for funeral monuments.
This church supply Ars Sacra statuary, used figures and vintage religious statues and crucifix statues for sale are often also adapted as statues for tombstones and the prices for both the final consumer and the retailer and wholesaler are visible on our site, by registering with your Company VAT number in the appropriate folder it is possible to view the wholesale.

The sale and distribution of sacred religious statues and the Dolfi collection of religious statuary is carried out on sale our online site and through our numerous distributors in world like the domestic discount church supply company with warehouse and free religious supplies store near me like United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, South, America, Europe, Poland, France, Spain Germany, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Philippines, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Russia, Congo Italy, Colombia, South Africa, Argentina, Ukraine, Kenya, United Kingdom, Tanzania, People's Republic of China, India, Uganda, Venezuela, Peru, Madagascar.

Figuren und Vintage religiöse Statuen und Kruzifix Statuen zum Verkauf werden oft auch als Statuen für Grabsteine angepasst und die Preise sowohl für den Endverbraucher als auch für den Einzelhändler des Fachhandels und Großhändler sind auf unserer Website sichtbar, indem Sie sich mit Ihrem Unternehmen registrieren und ihre Umsatzsteuer-Identifikationsnummer im entsprechenden Ordner eingeben; somit ist es möglich, die Großhandel-Wiederverkäufer-Preise anzuzeigen.
Der Verkauf und Vertrieb von heiligen religiösen Statuen und die Dolfi-Sammlung religiöser Statuen werden auf unserer Holzfiguren Shop und über unsere zahlreichen weltweiten Partnern angeboten: unsere Hauptabnehmer für Kirchen Statuen von Grödner Schnitzereien aus Lindenholz in der Nähe sind folgende Länder: Deutschland, Österreich, Tirol, Niederösterreich, Schweiz, Holland, Belgien, Luxemburg, Polen, Tschechische Republik, Slowakei, Ungarn, Rumänien, Ukraine, Litauen, Slowenien, Bosnien, Kroatien, Malta Frankreich, Portugal, Italien, Großbritannien, Schweden, Dänemark, Finnland, Russland.