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Showing 1 - 12 of 28 items
The company Dolfi, which operates as a wood carving in Val Gardena since 1892, has expanded its offer with an original collection of magnets from, suitable as furnishings especially for the kitchen and the children's room, giving character and beauty to any environment.
DOLFI wooden magnets are also suitable for beautifying the refrigerator, the cabinet in the workshop or the magnet for the dressing room.

Dolfi magnets are 4 cm high and made of hand-painted wood. They represent different animals, such as. the wooden magnet with cat lying or sitting, the wooden magnet with dog, the wooden magnet with snail, the wooden magnet with cow, the wooden magnet with sheep, the wooden carved magnet with horse, the carved magnet with owl, the wooden magnet with woodpecker, the wooden magnet of elephant, the wooden carved magnet with beetle, the carved magnet with butterfly, The magnet with wooden rabbit and many others.

For the children's room we have created the magnet with the teddy and the wooden angel, as well as the wooden heart as a magnet and that gives the child so much tenderness and serenity.
For the very special occasions we offer magnets personalized with your name, date of birth, fun also as gift ideas for wedding gifts.
Magnets as wooden gadget beautiful and cheap find your favorite wooden magnet on our website online.