Small Cuckoo Clocks and Weather Houses

But what an idea, these cute miniature wooden cuckoos and wooden clock houses. Although they are so small, the wooden cuckoos have many functions: like the cuckoo that sings every hour and looks out of the small window, or that goes up and down in rhythm with the cuckoo song. Many of these cuckoo clocks have 12 different melodies and every hour a new song starts. The so-called cuckoo clock can be hung anywhere, even in a small kitchen or bedroom, and runs on 2 or 3 small batteries.
The wooden weather houses are hand-painted with especially bright colors. They do not sound, but are very useful as they predict what the weather will be in the coming days. The couple, consisting of the classic little woman and the classic little man with the typical Black Forest clothes, comes out of the porch depending on the weather. The little woman, beautiful as the sun, comes out only in nice weather, while the little man has an umbrella and comes out in bad weather. The weather houses work with small batteries and with us you can find different models and sizes. Beautify your terrace and give yourself a simple but accurate barometer.

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