Quartz cuckoo clocks

Cuckoo clock takes us back in time and makes us relive enchanted moments of our childhood, when grandparents let us hear the chirping of the cuckoo.

The wooden Cuckoo Quartz Dolfi clocks differ from traditional mechanical clocks and run-on battery, which makes daily recharging easier. The Dolfi quartz cuckoo clock collection includes clocks with music, with a sweet melody, with mill or dancer movement, which require 3 batteries, those without music require 2 batteries.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 74 items

The Dolfi cuckoo clock combines tradition and modernity. Thus, was born the cuckoo chalet or the traditional cuckoo.

The cuckoo chalet is a revival of the mountain houses with balconies made of lace, wooden tiles on the roof and shutters on the windows. Particularly fascinating are the touching details, such as the beer drinker finely carved from maple wood, the dancers with typical costumes and the woodcutter, which will captivate any lover of the cuckoo.

The large collection of Dolfi wood carved cuckoo clocks also includes the traditional, but no less fascinating quartz cuckoo. The skilled hands of Dolfi carvers enrich each clock with ornaments of foliage surrounding the cuckoo or owls, carved from linden wood and finely hand-painted by the experienced hands of our decorators.

In our cuckoo clocks online store, you will find the wooden cuckoo of your dreams.