Mechanical cuckoo clocks

Clocks mark time, count hours and minutes, and help us organize our busy day. There are different types of clocks, such as classic wrist watches, pocket watches, elegant neck clocks and simple wall clocks. But the most popular and original clocks are the mechanical wooden cuckoo clocks. Their origin goes back to 1700 in Germany in the famous Black Forest. The mechanism of mechanical cuckoo clocks is the same as that of a pendulum clock. Mechanical cuckoo clocks are the most popular clocks because they only work when we pull the pendulum, which is made of two heavy pine cones, charging the movement. A daily gesture that makes you go back in time and brings joy and happiness to each call of the cuckoo.

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Mechanical cuckoo clocks are born from an old Black Forest tradition.
The renowned manufacturers of our company Dolfi are collaborating for years with the Black Forest for the production of all wooden parts that make up the cuckoo.
The cuckoo clocks carved by the skilled hands of our artists, represent many mountain scenes, such as the woodcutter chopping wood, the peasant woman ringing the bell, the farmer as a beer drinker.

The shapes of the houses can be varied. Next to the traditional cuckoo you can find the chalet-shaped cuckoo or the cuckoo with a more modern design.
Inside the clock is a gear that drives the weights, available with one or eight day mechanism.
You may wonder why some cuckoo clocks have 2 weights others have 3. The 2 weight cuckoo has the clock and cuckoo song mechanism, the 3 weight cuckoo has in addition the music box.
Cuckoo clocks to decorate in an original way the entrance of your home, office or any other environment.