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Showing 1 - 12 of 214 items
The cuckoo clock takes us back in time and makes us relive feelings handed down to us by our grandparents, in whose house the cuckoo clocks lit up the atmosphere with their special sound.
The traditional Black Forest style of the cuckoo clock was made by hand for a long time in Val Gardena.
Even today, these unique cuckoo wall clocks have lost none of their charm.

Decorated with various carved wooden ornaments, such as leaves, animal figures, wood carvings, sculptures and pine cones, the DOLFI mechanical movement offers several versions: the traditional cuckoo clock, the Chalet, which is modeled after a house, finally the clock Cuckoo Tyrol with dancers in motion.

Over the years, production techniques have evolved.
So different designs of spinning and moving Cuckoo Clocks have been developed, such as modern Cuckoo Clocks linear and stylized with soft colors on white-grey and taupe with quartz or mechanical movements, you choose yourself and decide which can be your favorite!