Certified black forest cuckoo clocks wood craft

Dolfi cuckoo clocks are distinguished by their mechanical or quartz movement. The innovative production techniques are combined with the classical traditions that express artistic sensibility in each clock.
For the production of wall clocks we use different types of wood, highlighting their natural essence that surrounds each cuckoo.
The shapes of our cuckoo clocks can be of different models, the cottage cuckoo, the elegant cuckoo or the modern cuckoo, all equipped with mechanisms of high scientific precision.
The decorations of each cuckoo clock are made by hand and add a romantic touch to any room. The main figure of the cuckoo clock carved from wood is the cuckoo, which will cheer up your room with a soft chirp every half or full hour.
Depending on the model, we also offer cuckoo clocks with hand-carved and hand-painted wooden dancers that sound melodies.
Cuckoo clocks have a soul and a "beating heart", they hang on the walls and are able to evoke new emotions again and again!

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  • Quartz cuckoo clocks

    Cuckoo clock takes us back in time and makes us relive enchanted moments of our childhood, when grandparents let us hear the chirping of the cuckoo.

    The wooden Cuckoo Quartz Dolfi clocks differ from traditional mechanical clocks and run-on battery, which makes daily recharging easier. The Dolfi quartz cuckoo clock collection includes clocks with music, with a sweet melody, with mill or dancer movement, which require 3 batteries, those without music require 2 batteries.

  • Mechanical cuckoo clocks

    Clocks mark time, count hours and minutes, and help us organize our busy day. There are different types of clocks, such as classic wrist watches, pocket watches, elegant neck clocks and simple wall clocks. But the most popular and original clocks are the mechanical wooden cuckoo clocks. Their origin goes back to 1700 in Germany in the famous Black Forest. The mechanism of mechanical cuckoo clocks is the same as that of a pendulum clock. Mechanical cuckoo clocks are the most popular clocks because they only work when we pull the pendulum, which is made of two heavy pine cones, charging the movement. A daily gesture that makes you go back in time and brings joy and happiness to each call of the cuckoo.

  • Small Cuckoo Clocks...

    But what an idea, these cute miniature wooden cuckoos and wooden clock houses. Although they are so small, the wooden cuckoos have many functions: like the cuckoo that sings every hour and looks out of the small window, or that goes up and down in rhythm with the cuckoo song. Many of these cuckoo clocks have 12 different melodies and every hour a new song starts. The so-called cuckoo clock can be hung anywhere, even in a small kitchen or bedroom, and runs on 2 or 3 small batteries.
    The wooden weather houses are hand-painted with especially bright colors. They do not sound, but are very useful as they predict what the weather will be in the coming days. The couple, consisting of the classic little woman and the classic little man with the typical Black Forest clothes, comes out of the porch depending on the weather. The little woman, beautiful as the sun, comes out only in nice weather, while the little man has an umbrella and comes out in bad weather. The weather houses work with small batteries and with us you can find different models and sizes. Beautify your terrace and give yourself a simple but accurate barometer.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 210 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 210 items

The cuckoo clock takes us back in time and makes us relive feelings handed down to us by our grandparents, in whose house the cuckoo clocks lit up the atmosphere with their special sound.
The traditional Black Forest style of the cuckoo clock was made by hand for a long time in Val Gardena.
Even today, these unique cuckoo wall clocks have lost none of their charm.

Decorated with various carved wooden ornaments, such as leaves, animal figures, wood carvings, sculptures and pine cones, the DOLFI mechanical movement offers several versions: the traditional cuckoo clock, the Chalet, which is modeled after a house, finally the clock Cuckoo Tyrol with dancers in motion.

Over the years, production techniques have evolved.
So different designs of spinning and moving Cuckoo Clocks have been developed, such as modern Cuckoo Clocks linear and stylized with soft colors on white-grey and taupe with quartz or mechanical movements, you choose yourself and decide which can be your favorite!