Personalized gifts in wood

The Favor DOLFI is special, natural wood, rounded shapes to hold in your hand or to customize, so as to convey warmth and love to the person who gives it and to those who receive it.
To give you an idea of our wedding favors you can find many items such as: animals, elephants, cats dogs, ladybugs, angels, prayers for the baptism, prayers for the birth of baby boy or girl, tree of life, clocks, pictures, wooden hearts personalized, engraved wooden hearts, wooden hearts with name, wooden hearts with writing, wooden hearts with engraving, and many useful items for different occasions.
For any of your wishes, ideas, needs or gifts, DOLFI can help you.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 18 items

The wedding favor gift is a very ancient custom that dates back to the French 18th century. In Italy the use of wedding favors occurred in 1896 on the occasion of the wedding of the Prince of Naples, the future king of Italy.
Even today the use of wedding favors is the proverbial object of the gift of marriage such as: golden wedding anniversary and silver wedding but not only, depending on the regions and traditions of the wedding favor is a special gift that is given on multiple occasions such as graduation, birth, communion, confirmation, gift for 18 years, for 40 years, 50 years.
The favors can be in different materials such as porcelain, glass, fabric, paper, crystal and ceramics but the real favors come out of our laboratories DOLFI craft since 1892 produces gift items in wood.
Among these are our beautiful handcrafted wooden wedding favors, elegant, handmade / handmade, "eco chic" and environmentally friendly because they are produced in South Tyrol in the beautiful Val Gardena where nature gives the best of itself with sustainable and natural products.
On our online site and in our Shop-Store you can find many ideas for the realization of your wedding favors and decorations wooden objects.