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The bomboniera Dolfi is a special gift and brings luck to your friends when you get married!
This are verz special items composed out of 6 natural kinds of wood, warm soft, rounded forms and pleasant to take in hand and cuddle, as to convey warmth and love for the person who gives and who receives it. So is this unique gift that brings us into the world of nature made by various animals that are loved by young and old.
And as if that was not enough there's more, these animals are wrapped in a casing of straw, in their natural world are ready to transmit the heat and let them dream about receiving.

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    This extraordinary personalized woodcarving collection of the Dolfi Namely Items is for all people who wants to have a special wood carved gift for their best friends or family members. Choose the item you like online and please tell us on the order what personalized name you want to have written on the wood carved Dolfi Clown, the wood carved Dolfi Teddies or the wood carved Dolfi Guardian Angel in pink color for Girls and in blue color for boys. This wood carving gift idea can be perfect for: gift baskets, gift ideas, gift basket, birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, baby gift, anniversary gifts, baby gifts, personalized gifts, Christmas gift, unique gifts, wedding gifts, birthday gift, wedding gift anniversary gift, free gift, holiday gift, father's day gifts, gift idea, graduation gifts, unique gift, baby gift basket, the bell together with food or gourmet gifts, corporate gift, gifts for men, mother's day gifts, personalized gift, sympathy gift, the crystal bell with a chocolate gift, the bell on the gift holiday gifts, the bells as Christmas gift ideas, gifts for him, birthday gift ideas, valentine gift with a wood carved heart, gift for men or a gift for her, mothers day gifts, valentines day gifts, the crystal bell with a flower gift, gifts for dad or a gifts for kids, mothers day gift, the Dolfi bell is a romantic and unusual Italian gift, custom gift for special occasions, as Easter gift with a wooden rabbit inside the crystal bell, personalised executive gifts for employees, fathers day gifts. Don't miss this Dolfi Woodcarving Personalized Collection and buy online now!!!
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    Our wood carvings are hand made until 40cm/16inch. and carved in fine selected dried maple wood, the wooden figures over 40cm/16inch. are also hand made but carved in the softer selected dried linden wood. All our wooden scuptures are hand painted with oil coloures by brush, in the Dolfi Studios from our professional artists . Oil coloures are used to give to the wood carved figure a natural and unique look.
    On this hand made woodcarving, there are over 70 processes, that only skilled hands that learned the job over many years, can create. This procedure allows us to produce unique wood carved collectibles for all our funs ins over 60 countries worldwide.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 42 items