Jesus Crosses, body of Christ, Crucifixes in wood

The crucifix is the representation of Christianity. For Christians, Christ is love, hope and redemption.
The representation of Christ on the cross is the most common symbol in houses and churches.
Dolfi's proposed collections of Jesus wall crosses, body of Christ, wooden crucifix for sale is made in South Tyrol Val Gardena Italy.
The Dolfi crucifixes and crosses are made from local woods like Linden wood, bass wood, maple wood, swiss pine wood, ash wood, walnut wood.
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Showing 13 - 24 of 226 items
Most of our wood carved sculptures are completely handmade, so that each sculpture always looks unique and exclusive.
According to the different ones like Modern, linear or old-style crucifixes were created, Baroque style with the most varied dimensions from 3 inches to several foot in Hight and also Lifesize till 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 foot and more.
Christ's body can be obtained loose or made on the cross from natural or patinated wood in various shades of brown or gray.
The crucifix Raffaello, named after its artist and master wood sculptor, is very well known with the cloth in different colors, light blue, white cloth, white gold, red or entirely in gold made of gold leaf or striking metal with light-dark shades.
The expression of this baroque crucifix is touching.

The thorns are individually carved into the inclined head, as are the nails in the hands and feet, which gives to the wood carving a feeling of deep pain.
The artistic sculpture, skillfully shaped in every detail, almost appeals to the viewer.
The Leonardo crucifix is very well known to lovers of modern art, with a simple but very artistic line that is available in various sizes and designs.
The range of crucifixes extends to crosses for children. These are carved in wood and have the image of little angels with pink or light blue tones inside; and they can be customized for different occasions such as baptisms, confirmations, name days and different anniversaries.

Our collections of bodies of Christ also different styles and material such as: olive wood hanging wall crosses, Benedict crucifixes, hand carved Jesus crosses, handmade catholic crucifixes, rustic wood crafted Celtic cross, wood carved rugged crosses, patinated Val Gardena Jesus Crist Corpus, natural wood hand painted corpus of Jesus, Resurrection crosses, plastic crosses made of bronze and synthetic resin crosses made of fiberglass, weatherproof crosses, colored Christ body and Lord God, devotional wall crosses, wooden crosses and decorative crosses, brightly colored with curved or straight cross and bars, Christ body carved out of wood for crosses.
Visit our world of crucifixes now and be surprised by the variety, quality and reasonable prices of our handicrafts!