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Wood sunglasses and glasses, exclusive design

Wooden glasses, sunglasses and glasses made of wood. Discover our exclusive collection of eyewear in wood for men and women.

Natural, lightweight and allergy free. Our UV glasses in wood protect your eyes and are a trendy accessory.

Our wooden glasses are artisanal products made with love and care. Natural wood and high quality lenses guarantee excellent protection for your eyes. Our collection of wood frame glasses for men and women contains elegant and casual eyewear models. Wearing glasses made of the natural material wood together with its wood fragrance will provide you with great pleasure. Wooden eyeglass frames are a modern accessory, perfect for those who love nature and want to be chic and stylish. Wooden sunglasses and glasses are suitable for all seasons, light-weight but at the same time resistant and strong. It is thanks to selected wood-types that our glasses are allergy-free and eco-friendly.
Our glasses collection ranges from round glasses to quadratic glasses, allowing everyone to find the perfect form according to the shape of her or his face. The natural material wood makes every pair of glasses unique in shade of colours, all inspired by nature itself. The high quality design makes our wooden glasses not only a functional and convenient object, but also to a stylish and trendy accessory for your individual look. The natural colour tones of wood will make your look deeper and more intense. The philosophy of our glasses in wood is simple: We want to create pretty and good-looking glasses, which are at the same time high in quality and of high performance.
Discover our new collection, wooden sunglasses and glasses of wood, exclusive models for men and women.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 12 items