Wood Watches for Women and Men

Made of high-quality wood, our wooden watches are natural and elegant design accessories made in South Tyrol, Italy.
This Dolfi wooden watch comes from our exclusive unisex wooden watch collection for men and women, elegant and sporty.
This creation of our collection of wooden wristwatches is the result of a long tradition of South Tyrolean craftsmanship. The experience and love for nature means that the wood used is selected down to the last detail to make our watches so precious and considered the best wooden watches. As they are made by hand, no two wooden watches are identical, as wood is a living material.

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Showing 13 - 24 of 59 items
The Dolfi wooden wrist watches, are a novelty in the watch market, designed to follow a green and ecological fashion, suitable for those who care about nature. Each one adapts to the wrist and offers a completely different comfort than traditional wristwatches made of steel, metal or plastic. Another strength of our wooden wristwatches is the renewable raw material they represent. A privilege for yourself, and also for the environment. Dolfi wristwatches made of precious woods are real gems, not only beautiful but also extremely functional.
In our Dolfi extensive collection of wooden watches you will find other different combinations of wooden bracelets with wood and steel, wood and leather or with wood and fabric bracelets and wooden cases, watches with Swarovski stones, traditional or more eccentric models. The wooden watch is an accessory that can define the style of any man or woman: Classic traditional, modern, sporty. Wearing watches made of wood is an ecological choice and a philosophy of life. A wooden watch is light, robust and, due to its naturalness, allergy-free.
Discover our exclusive wooden wristwatches for men and women and be inspired by our ecologically oriented products. A wooden watch is light, robust and due to its naturalness, allergen free.
Discover our watches for women and men and let yourself be surprised by our exclusive and unique wooden watches. Dolfi the wristwatch irresistible in wood.