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Showing 25 - 36 of 43 items
Our watches are made by hand and with great care, with applications in wood. They are a perfect gift for men and women at every opportunity, as well as an ecological gift for yourself and for every nature lover.
We use the best European wood, sculpt timeless watches and fashionable. Everything fits on your wrist and offers a comfort completely different from traditional watches in steel or plastic. Another strong point of our wristwatches in wood is a renewable resource that they are. A privilege for themselves, and also the environment gains. They are real gems, not only beautiful, but also functional.
We produce different models for men and women, totally made in South Tyrol Italy, with the utmost care and hand-craft. And if the gift does not receive top ratings, do not worry; each clock can be replaced within 30 days. So it is certain that everyone will find his favorite piece.