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Wood wristwatches, natural and elegant

High quality wristwatches of wood, natural and elegant design from South Tyrol, made in Italy.

Wide collection of women and men wristwatches in wood, unique sporty and chic

Wristwatches made of wood by Dolfi are handcrafted products from Italy. Tradition for over 125 years and love of nature make our wooden wristwatches so special. Being a natural material, wood allows you to come closer to nature. The warm material wood makes you feel at home and loved. The wood design of our wristwatches is for people who love nature. The fragrance of wood will remind you of nature and peace.
Whether you are looking for a sparkling accessory or for a traditional wristwatch, in the Dolfi wood watches collection you will find the perfect wristwatch for you. Various colour shades, from golden to silver tones, and the use of wood makes our products personal and unique. We only use the best wood types for our wristwatches, carefully selected. Wearing a wooden wristwatch is an eco-friendly decision. The natural materials used make our watches in wood light, strong and allergy free.
Discover our women and men wristwatches collection and be surprised by our exclusive wristwatch models. Special prices for your wooden wristwatch.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 39 items