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  • Dolfi wood watches
    Our watches are made by hand and with great care, with applications in wood. They are a perfect gift for men and women at every opportunity, as well as an ecological gift for yourself and for every nature lover.
    We use the best European wood, sculpt timeless watches and fashionable. Everything fits on your wrist and offers a comfort completely different from traditional watches in steel or plastic. Another strong point of our wristwatches in wood is a renewable resource that they are. A privilege for themselves, and also the environment gains. They are real gems, not only beautiful, but also functional.
    We produce different models for men and women, totally made in South Tyrol Italy, with the utmost care and hand-craft. And if the gift does not receive top ratings, do not worry; each clock can be replaced within 30 days. So it is certain that everyone will find his favorite piece.

  • Necklake, bracelets...
    Jewellery made of wood, exclusive necklaces and earrings

    Design jewellery including wooden necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings. Trendy accessories made of natural materials.

    Artisanal jewels made of maple, sandal, rose –and walnut wood. Unique and allergy-free accessories, perfect for women seeking individuality and style.

    For our artisanal collection of wooden jewellery, we only use selected materials of high quality, which make our accessories unique and unmistakeable. Love for detail and long-term experience in the art of woodcarving of Val Gardena are the key ingredients for exclusive jewellery, which is good-looking and resistant at the same time. The coming together of woodcarving tradition and innovative design makes our wooden accessories especially popular. A wide range of wooden jewellery, from elegant accessories with Swarovski crystals up to more plain jewellery will ensure individuality and allow every woman to find her perfect accessory.
    The natural raw material wood is known since generations for its exceptional properties and makes our accessories allergy-free and ecological to wear. Our jewellery of wood is nickel-free and lightweight and emits a delicate and sensual fragrance which brings you close to nature. Wearing our wooden accessories allows you to be chic and in line with the trend, without polluting nature, which for us is a main value we aim to protect. The round and linear forms of our wooden jewels provide you with wearing comfort. Necklaces made of wood, wooden rings, earrings and bracelets in wood design can be worn on their own or in combination for an accentuated and complete look.
    Discover our wooden jewellery and other accessories made of natural wood for women, an innovative design which meets the artisanal woodcarving tradition of Val Gardena in the heart of the Dolomites.

  • Wood sun glasses

    Discover our new collection of wooden sunglasses with an exclusive design for men and women. 

    Natural, light weight and allergy free. Our UV sun glasses in wood protect your eyes and are a trendy accessory.

    Our wooden glasses are artisanal products made with love and care. Natural wood and high quality lenses guarantee excellent protection for your eyes. Our collection of wood frame glasses for men and women contains elegant and casual eyewear models. Wearing glasses made of the natural material wood together with its wood fragrance will provide you with great pleasure. Wooden eye glass frames are a modern accessory, perfect for those who love nature and want to be chic and stylish. Wooden sunglasses  are suitable for all seasons, light-weight but at the same time resistant and strong. It's thanks to selected wood-types that our glasses are allergy-free and eco-friendly.
    Our glasses collection ranges from round glasses to quadratic glasses, allowing everyone to find the perfect form according to the shape of her or his face. The natural material wood makes every pair of glasses unique in shade of colours, all inspired by nature itself. The high quality design makes our wooden glasses not only a functional and convenient object, but also to a stylish and trendy accessory for your individual look. The natural colour tones of wood will make your look deeper and more intense. The philosophy of our glasses in wood is simple: we want to create pretty and good-looking glasses, which are at the same time high in quality and of high performance. 

  • Wooden gifts for man
  • DOLFI "Sissy" Collection

    Unique necklaces and bracelets, jewellery from the Dolomites

    Necklaces and bracelets made of fabric with flower motive from the Dolomites and Swarovski crystal. Typical accessories for women who value elegance and tradition.

    The Sissy collection is inspired by the edelweiss, a flower which grows in the Dolomites. Discover our exclusive bracelets and necklaces with wooden charms.

    The Sissy collection is composed of necklaces and bracelets in fabric with the symbol of the Dolomites, the edelweiss flower. Thanks to the light-weight materials used, such as fabric and maple wood, it is a great pleasure to wear our jewellery. Despite the innovative material, our necklaces and bracelets have a strong link with the tradition of woodcarving and with the nature of the Dolomites. In fact, the alpine flower sculptured in wood reminds us of the beauty of nature and Swarovski crystals give our jewellery a touch of elegance and sensuality. For those who wish to personalise our necklaces and bracelets, wooden charms with the initials offer a perfect way to emphasise the individuality of your accessory from the Dolomites. The necklaces and bracelets of the Sissy collection can be combined with sporty clothes given their elasticity and durance and are also a suitable accessory for a more elegant and outstanding style. In addition, the alpine style with wooden elements of the mountains of our jewellery match perfectly with typical dresses from South Tyrol like the Dirndl. As an alternative to the traditional edelweiss flower, we designed jewellery with a rose made of walnut wood. Bracelets and necklaces with a wooden rose are romantic and a gift and symbol for love.
    Discover our typical bracelets and necklaces from South Tyrol, unique and authentic accessories from the Dolomites with a casual-chic style.

  • Wooden Rings with...
    Wooden rings, natural jewellery with Swarovski stones

    Rings made of high quality walnut wood are allergy free, natural and ecological accessories. Chic jewellery inspired by nature.

    Our wooden rings are fashionable accessories and thanks to various colours of Swarovski gemstones they match perfectly with your individual look.

    Women rings of wood are inspired by the natural elegant colour of walnut wood. Dolfi rings are artisanal products, available in different colours and different sizes. The natural raw material makes wooden rings allergy free and eco-friendly. The Swarovski elements give our rings a noble and elegant atmosphere. Wooden rings are lightweight and especially popular because they match with different outfit styles and are suitable for all occasions. The precious walnut wood and a careful design guarantee quality and resistance. No matter if you are looking for an original present or trying to find a unique engagement ring, Dolfi wooden rings are stylish accessories with a direct link to nature.
    For a perfect look, we also created bracelets in wood with Swarovski elements. These wooden bangles are a perfect match with our rings made of wood. The design in wood is unique and certified, in order to provide comfort and pleasure. Every product has an exclusive gift box in order to protect your wooden rings and wooden bracelets as best as possible.
    Discover our women rings in wood and the collection of natural jewellery made of wood with Swarovski stones for women who value quality, authenticity and nature.
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Showing 1 - 12 of 283 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 283 items
Exquisite wooden gifts for every occasion
Every occasion is the right occasion: a birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day. DOLFI’s wide array of products provides many gift ideas made of wood.
It’s often difficult to find the perfect gift for a loved one, a gift which they will like and use in their everyday life. Rely on our exclusive products! Hand crafted in Alto Adige, a region renowned for its woodcarving: Val Gardena.
Discover our lovely wooden gifts: elegant wood watches and wood sun glasses, lovely jewelry, papillon and much more