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3D Puzzle in wood Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

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Dolfi wanted to pay tribute to the great Austrian composer and musician Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart by bringing his face in a three-dimensional puzzle made of lime wood, which can be disassembled and reassembled at will.
The three-dimensional wooden puzzle is a game in 3d dimensions to assemble. A gift made of wood that stimulates the creativity of all adults and children. Consisting of several pieces of basswood in different sizes, it can be completely disassembled and reassembled with ease and concentration.
The three-dimensional wooden puzzle model Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was made by DOLFI in honor of the great composer and is acquired especially by the great admirers and collectors of famous personalities. The wooden 3D puzzle is also suitable for children who enjoy exploring the pieces and then combining them into a figure or an animal or a car. We also recommend coloring our three-dimensional wooden puzzles. The individual pieces are hand-sanded and smooth, and are easy to paint with watercolors using a paintbrush. Browse online for your favorite puzzle and create a unique and, most importantly, eco-friendly collection. Also discover the perfect gift for a birthday or special anniversary. The 3D wooden puzzles can be personalized with a dedication and the different models are suitable for any occasion.
The three-dimensional Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 3D puzzle is an iconic gift for those who love classical music and remember the great composer. Have fun giving it as a gift!