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Camel 3D Puzzle in Linden wood

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The Camel Dolfi is a three-dimensional puzzle created for our children to play, Suitable for 3 years and up, this puzzle is the ideal gift to teach children the dexterity and practicality of the puzzle game. Dolfi wanted to remember with this 3D puzzle carved in lime wood, the camels which are a family of mammals of the order of the artiodactyls, within which they represent the only recent family of the subordination of the calluses. They can be divided into two groups. The first group is the old world camels with the dromedary or single-humped camel and the trampled or two-humped camel, also known as the large camel. The second group includes the New World camels with the genera Lama, the small hump less camels. Many new collections are coming and we hope to satisfy all the requests of our passionate collectors of Gardena craftsmanship. We wish everyone a good shopping experience on our site and for those who do not find the right item, we will be happy to satisfy your every need by creating and customizing an item on commission exclusively for you!