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3D Puzzle in Linden wood Dino Brain

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This 3D dinosaur puzzle made of linden wood was created by the sculptors in our Dolfi wood factory with the workshops in Val Gardena in South Tyrol. The idea of creating a 3D puzzle collection for the whole family arose from many requests from our passionate collectors of local Val Gardena handicrafts. Also called terrifying and powerful, dinosaurs are a group of terrestrial vertebrates that lived from the Upper Triassic about 235 million years ago in the Middle Ages. In the classical system, dinosaurs are considered an extinct branch of reptiles, although their morphology is markedly different from modern reptiles, that is, those living today, and they are not particularly related to most modern reptiles, especially lizards and snakes. Cladistical, both reptiles and dinosaurs include birds that emerged from small theropod dinosaurs. So not all dinosaurs died during the mass extinction at the end of the Middle Ages, but with birds, a special line of dinosaur evolution survived to this day. This line has proven to be extremely adaptable and successful: birds make up about a third of all newer vertebrate species, are represented in all terrestrial ecosystems and, in addition to penguins, also have a group that is highly adapted to life outside and inside. the water. Dolfi He wanted to take these animals and turn them into three-dimensional puzzles to bring joy to all children who are passionate about dinosaurs. Visit our website and discover many other models for you and your loved ones. Have fun shopping!!