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Santa Claus 3D Wooden Puzzle

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To keep alive the character of Santa Claus, Dolfi has also dedicated a series of three-dimensional wooden puzzles to this fantastic and timeless character. In the Santa Claus puzzle collection you will find the Santa Claus with the sack puzzle, Santa Claus with the sparrow puzzle, Santa Claus with the reindeer and sleigh puzzle and the Santa Claus gnome puzzle. Very popular with children is the legend of Santa Claus that comes from the fairy tale of St. Nicholas who lived in the fourth century and is traditionally celebrated on December 6. It is said that St. Nicholas saved three poor girls by giving them a dowry so that they could marry instead of prostituting themselves, and on another occasion he saved six children. During the Middle Ages in Europe it was customary to celebrate this story with the exchange of gifts on the day of the saint, December 6. The custom is still alive in the Netherlands, Germany, Austria and Italy in Trieste and also here in South Tyrol. In fact, on the night of December 5, Santa Claus goes from house to house with his horse and carriage, accompanied by an angel for the good children and a devil for the bad children. The three-dimensional wooden Santa Claus with the bird puzzle is a nice gift for children to put in their bags. They can have fun coloring it and fantasizing about the gifts he will bring.