The mother Dog with 9 Puppies 3D Puzzle

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The mother Dog with 9 Puppies is one of the most popular Dolfi 3D puzzles. This particular puzzle is a game for children and adults. Trying to assemble and disassemble this jigsaw puzzle cut out with fine and smooth cutters with special sandpaper brushes is a big problem that many boys and girls can solve better than their parents. The Dolfi 3D wood puzzle made of lime wood is a toy that can be colored and customized, testing your own ingenuity or ability to understand and solve problems. This Dolfi wood puzzle requires you to put the pieces together logically to get the right or fun solution to this unique and genuine 3D puzzle for the whole family. Our 3D puzzle collections include various collections such as forest animal puzzles, mountain animal puzzles, car and motor vehicle puzzles, Easter object puzzles, Christmas sculpture puzzles, wedding gift puzzles, gifts for various holidays and birthdays or celebrations such as Mother's Day, Father's Day or even as a personalized gift for Valentine's Day, Grandparents' Day and Grandmothers' Day. Our three-dimensional wooden puzzles are designed to be true entertainment for family, friends and relatives and can also make people in love solve real puzzles, whether mathematical or logical. Solving Dolfi 3D puzzles gives a lot of pleasure, especially for those who want to customize them and give them to their loved ones. Give a Dolfi 3D puzzle as a gift, you will find many different 3D puzzles on our online site. The entire Dolfi team wishes you fun during shopping!