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Panama Teaser 3D wooden Puzzle Bear with Tiger

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The Panama Teaser duck with tiger aka the Tiger Duck "Tigerente" as a 3d wooden puzzle is a popular figure by cartoonist and artist Janosch, although not a main character. He made his first appearance in the children's book Oh How Beautiful is Panama, published on March 15, 1978. The Tiger Duck is a wooden toy that rolls on wheels and is pulled on a string. It is shaped like a duck and has a striped pattern similar to a tiger. It accompanies the other Janosch characters - the little tiger, who pulls it behind, Günter Kastenfrosch and the little bear - in most of their activities.
The 3d Tiger Duck puzzle offers strong identification, especially for children, because it combines the characteristics sweet, small, in need of protection due to the inability to fly, and "strong," made evident by the tiger stripes. They are available as merchandise items in many variations. Your name was the inspiration for the Tigerenten Club children's program.
The Tiger Duck can be personalized with black and yellow watercolors to bring life and color to this unique and fun 3d puzzle sculpture. Visit our online store to discover all of our 3d gift puzzle collections.