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The wide range of wooden religious items in our online shop is offered at exceptional special prices in the religious items outlet category, where you can find wooden Madonnas, the saint figurines carved entirely by hand, finely carved angels, wood crafted crucifixes worked by our experienced carvers.
The Dolfi wood carvings and wooden figures are great value woodcarvings and wooden statues collection. Discover and choose with passion the artistic wooden figurines and sacred sculptures that will take you by the hand and touch your heart.
Our company Dolfi produces religious articles and sacred objects, all handmade by the skilled hands of our sculptors and artisans of Val Gardena.
The quality of the wood carvings Dolfi is guaranteed by the careful selection of the raw material, real wood, the fine hand painting with oil paints to the packaging with a certificate of guarantee that accompanies each work of art. The sacred Dolfi sculptures in wood carved are suitable for various occasions such as special gifts for baptisms, wedding favors, religious events or simply for the variety of gifts to be made for any loved one.
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Showing 1 - 12 of 186 items
Our company Dolfi in Val Gardena has been producing wooden religious statues such as female saints, male saints, wood carved Madonna with child statues, wood carving bodies of Jesus Christ and crucifixes since 1892. In the section of Religious articles and sacred objects and souvenirs of our DOLFI OUTLET, you will find a wide selection of devotional articles of very high quality and affordable price range. Dolfi is characterized by the attention to detail, the passion for our land South Tyrol in Italy, and the art of our wood sculptors.

If you are looking for a Christian gift, for a special occasion, a baptism, a confirmation, a wedding and your budget is not very high, we offer a wide range of Sacred Wood Carvings and Christian Wood Statues.
There are so many ways to thank and give a present for a long-lasting wedding gift, but the right way is to present with a wooden Holy Family, a symbol of unification and faith.

Classic gifts for baptism are our DOLFI wooden angels or christened wooden crosses, as a sign of the birth of a new life. In this way, the child has a personalized greeting gift that he or she can enjoy forever.
We offer various types of highly decorative wooden spiritual articles, such as wooden figurines of the Blessed Virgin Mary, which can be placed in bedrooms, the appropriate wooden cross which should not be missing in any home, or the personal patron saint. DOLFI ecclesiastical wooden devotional sculptures are of the best craftsmanship and artistic tradition at affordable prices.

Decorative devotional objects existed already in the Middle Ages. Even then, visitors to Greek or Roman places of worship were offered small statuettes of images of gods or saints made of silver, ceramics or lead. Today, with the advent of Christianity, statues of the Virgin Mary, Crucifixes and Jesus Christ Corpuses, holy statuary, rosaries and icons have replaced the pagan images.
In addition to online sales, our company exports wooden and fiberglass sacral statues and sculptures to various monastery stores and pilgrimage sites and Christian Shrines around the world.

Especially popular is the consecration of sacred religious ornaments, either to give as a souvenir as a sign of devotion or as a reminder of a visited sacred place of prayer destination.
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