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  • Nativity scenes...
    Hand carved wooden Nativity scenes and figurines
    For many families a Christmas without a Nativity scene is utterly unthinkable. Dolfi and Val Gardena boast a centuries-old tradition in manufacturing these Christmas decorations, which are, to this day, handcrafted at home.
    Dolfi assortment of products has a wide range of lovely nativity scenes with figurines and animals carved out of European wood and treated with 100% non-toxic Lukas varnishes.
    You can purchase our nativity scenes in various sizes, three different coloring styles and many different models to suit the style of your home. We also manufacture individual tailor-made nativity scenes and figurines based on a drawing the client provides. Some figurines are life-sized.
    Have a look at our assortment, select the products you wish to purchase and take advantage of the manufacturer’s low prices, of the excellent customer service, of the secure payment procedures via credit card or Paypal and of the total transparency in shipping.Dolfi wooden carved nativity if a true collectible all over the world. The Dolfi wooden nativity sets are in various shapes styles and executions. The wooden nativity scene that are on sale on line on this pages are absolutely the highest and finest wood carving nativity on the market. Contrary to the Fontanini nativity set made in PVC, all Dolfi nativities are wood carved and hand made in Italy, painted in the small town of Ortisei, Valgardena, Dolomites in north Italy. In our new headquarters called the Dolfi Land you can find all kinds of wood carving such as: Wooden Christmas decoration and wooden Christmas decorations, wooden Christmas ornament and wooden Christmas ornaments, wooden Christmas tree ornament and wooden Christmas tree Ornaments, wooden nativity and wooden nativity scene. The new Dolfi nativity and wooden nativity sets, such as Christmas Figures are sold il many Toy stores and Christmas store all over Italy, Germany, Europe and USA. Visit the new on line shop and buy now!!!
    The Dolfi Collections are made in Italy and contains tree ornaments, wooden toy and wooden toys, christmas figurines, fontanini, nativity scenes, personalized christmas ornament and wooden personalized christmas ornaments, christmas nativity.
    On customer request, the Dolfi Studios can design wooden crafts in olive wood. All christmas nativity set are wood carvings that increase in value year per year. Dolfi started to produce Nativities,nativity figures and nativity figurines since 1945. Besides Dolfi the most exclusive collectible stores carry the precious moments nativity, fontanini nativity set, hummel nativity, lladro nativity, waterford nativity, willow tree nativity, anri nativity, fisher price nativity set.The Dolfi Studios are specialized in religious christmas gifts, wooden craft, wooden gifts, wooden ornaments, nativity figurine, nativity ornament, outdoor nativity, christmas nativity scenes, nativity ornaments, outdoor nativity sets, the nativity, wooden figure, wooden figures, wooden, ornament, christmas nativity sets, lighted nativity, nativity figure, nativity stable, outdoor nativity set, porcelain nativity set, wood nativity, wooden santa, wooden tree, nativity crèche, olive wood nativity. The Dolfi wooden Christmas Statues are frequently called: wooden figurine and wooden figurines, wooden set, wooden statues, bethlehem nativity, carved nativity, children's nativity, childrens wooden, large nativity set. The Dolfi nativity is composed from the wood carved camel, wooden nativity stables, wooden christmas tree, wooden crib, wooden decorations, wooden pieces, wooden stable, wooden stables, large nativity, miniature nativity, nativity animals, nativity crafts, wooden camel, wooden german, wooden made, wooden sets, child nativity set, nativity mary, wooden miniature, wooden pattern, wooden piece, child nativity
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  • Handmade woood carved...
    It is not always easy to find the right wooden gift for a loved one, a gift that gives pleasure and can accompany you in your everyday life. You can rely on our high quality and exclusive products, handmade in our art workshops in South Tyrol Italy in the beautiful Dolomite mountains of Val Gardena, world famous for the art of woodcarving.
    For all occasions Dolfi offers wood carved original, ecological and special gift ideas and precious genuine handmade woodcarvings and wooden gift ideas..
    The most important time of the year is Christmas and for this occasion Dolfi designs numerous Christmas collections, wooden nativity scenes and sculptures and wooden figurines to furnish and decorate your home, making it warm and welcoming. But Dolfi is not only Christmas, in our online shop you will find the right gift for every occasion, such as birthdays, Easter and Valentine's Day. Dolfi helps you to find a romantic, funny and original wood carved gift idea for the day of lovers. Many wooden gift ideas for her and him that will always remain in your heart, because a wooden object and gift idea made of wood is infinite and with time it gains in value.
    Ideal wooden gifts for an anniversary, a wedding, a christening, a confirmation, a graduation; if you like to be amazed on these occasions and leave a pleasant and unpublished memory to the guests and friends of your ceremony, the Dolfi wood carving world is the right place for you. Also for the celebrations we dedicate each year to our parents, mum, dad, grandparents and friends; for Mother's Day, show your girlfriend or boyfriend how important and special she/he is to you, our Dolfi gift ideas for all occasions will give also your mother and grandmother many emotions, even superheroes should be pampered, especially on Father's Day we also give all fathers special emotions with original Dolfi lasting gifts made in Italy.
    If you are looking for original wood carved gift ideas for corporate gifts and to surprise and thank your customers and employees, shop online now and you will find useful and above all customizable gift ideas that you can give away at any time of year with the best prices and quality on the market.
    The Dolfi Italian wood sculptures will surprise you! Discover our individual wooden gifts such as elegant pens, beautiful wooden jewelry, funny wood carved toys, original and elegant wooden bracelets, wood carved clocks, wooden watches and wooden sun glasses and much more directly from our Online workshops in Val Gardena. Buy now and we deliver to the United States and the rest of the World within a few days and work with the couriers FedEx, UPS and DHL as well as a number of different freight forwarders.
    Greetings, Have a great time shopping and greetings from the entire Dolfi Team

  • Hand carved christian...
    Our production of DOLFI statues and figurines of sacred art and wooden saints from Val Gardena, Made in Italy, began in 1892. The catholic figures and statues of saints are for sale for individuals, retailers and wholesalers on our online website. The sacred statues can be new wood carved contemporary style or we also offer ancient sacred statues with antique statues hand painting finish. The religious figurines produced in our DOLFI STUDIOS factory of religious wood carved statuary in Ortisei are catholic statues for home and since a few years we have also been producing religious statues for outdoor and garden use. The sale of outdoor saint statues has increased over the years with our collection of statues in resin and fiberglass of Mother Mary, Madonna’s and catholic patron saint male statues and catholic patron saint female statues used for catholic church statues for sale on out online shop. The sale and reproduction of famous catholic garden statues is therefore more suitable in fiberglass than in basswood, linden or maple wood, given the greater resistance of the material and of the colors over time. For the garden we do not recommend catholic wood carved statues, unpainted plaster religious statues or gypsy statues which, compared to religious fiberglass statues, have a shorter duration over time. Our artists produce also big life size large fiberglass statues with bronze, white and silver finish, for sale. Very suitable are our marble and marble powder religious statues molds for cemeteries, sanctuaries and shrines and the bronze statues for tombs and statues for funeral monuments. This church supply Ars Sacra statuary, used figures and vintage religious statues and crucifix statues for sale are often also adapted as statues for tombstones and the prices for both the final consumer and the retailer and wholesaler are visible on our site, by registering with your Company VAT number in the appropriate folder it is possible to view the wholesale. The sale and distribution of sacred religious statues and the Dolfi collection of religious statuary is carried out on sale our online site and through our numerous distributors in world like the domestic discount church supply company with warehouse and free religious supplies store near me like United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, South, America, Europe, Poland, France, Spain Germany, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Philippines, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Russia, Congo Italy, Colombia, South Africa, Argentina, Ukraine, Kenya, United Kingdom, Tanzania, People's Republic of China, India, Uganda, Venezuela, Peru, Madagascar.

  • Handmade wooden...
    The New Dolfi Christmas Home Décor Collection is an exclusive wood carved line for all people who want to have something special in their home to show to their friends. This wood carving Christmas Tree Decoration can be put indoor or is often used for Outdoor Christmas Decoration. This Dolfi online Christmas decoration shop will give you many Christmas Decoration and Decorating Idea and Ideas such as Christmas Door Decorations, Christmas Table Decorations, Christmas tree decorating, Cheap Christmas decorations, Christmas home decorations, Christmas tree décor, vintage Christmas decorations, Christmas décor, homemade Christmas decorations.
    Buy now online! Don’t miss our Christmas decoration wholesale offer that our worldwide customers can buy today online. Christmas decorations online and Christmas decorations on sale, buy now! The unique hand carved Christmas decorations and wooden Christmas decorations are the house decorations that every family would have for Christmas. With the different lines you can create personalized homemade Christmas decoration and vintage Christmas decoration as well as reindeer Christmas decoration or Victorian Christmas decoration. The Dolfi history of Christmas decoration crafts started with large Christmas decorations and Christmas decoration pictures for the German Christmas decoration market where may companies are producing glass Christmas decoration. The Dolfi wood carved old fashioned Christmas decorations are selling all over the world because more and more people are looking for unusual Christmas woodcarving decorations. Dolfi dealers in the United States that carry American Christmas decoration appreciate more and more the European style of home decor for Christmas. The technique of the wood carved 3d Christmas decoration came from Matteo Comploi, the Vice President of the Dolfi Group, many years ago. The Dolfi beautiful Christmas decor 2008 is now available online. Visit the Dolfi Woodcarvings World and buy now!!!
  • Certified black forest...
    Cuckoo clocks made of wood
    The cuckoo clock in Val Gardena has been made for a long time and is traditionally carved from wood. To date, these unique wall clocks have lost nothing of their fascination.
    Our cuckoo clocks do not only sound in beautiful tones on the hour, but also decorate the room as a special eye-catcher.
    Decorated with various carved wooden ornaments such as leaves, animal figures and pine cones, DOLFI offers various designs: the traditionally carved cuckoo clock and the chalet cuckoo clock, which is modeled after a house. Whether with quartz movement or with Carillon, a musical instrument, decide for yourself!
  • OUTLET - Sale,...
    On this online pages the Dolfi Wood Carving Studios offer items on sale such as collectibles and gift ideas. We offer different kind of wood carvings services such as: wood carving sculpture, wood carving set, wood carving supplies, art wood carving, wood carve, large wood carving, wood carving statue, wood carving, relief wood carving, wood carving designs, wood for carving, custom wood carving, decorative wood carving, wood carving furniture, wood carving machine, wood carving sculptures, carving woods, history of wood carving, wood carving classes, wood carving techniques, wood sculptures, woodcarvings, chainsaw carving, woodcarving tools, bird carving, chip carving, carving supplies, relief carving, wood carver, wooden carvings, wood carvers, ironwood carvings ,tools carving ,woodcarving supplies, woodcarving book ,woodcarving patterns, woodcarving wood, wooden carve, furniture carving, 3d woodcarving, buy woodcarving, carved ironwood, chrispye woodcarving, cnc woodcarving, decorative woodcarving, kukstis woodcarving, mdi woodcarving, woodcarving club, woodcarving com, woodcarving dvd, woodcarving events, woodcarving forum, woodcarving machine, woodcarving online, woodcarving pictures, woodcarving sites, woodcarving suppliers, woodcarving technique ,woodcarving tutorial, woodcarving uk, woodcarving video, woodcarving videos, www woodcarving, youtube woodcarving, church supply, catholic church supplies, religious supply, christian supply church goos supply .On the discount items you will find any kind of wood carved gifts such as: wood carved angel , wood carved angels, wood carved nativity, wood carved nativities, wood carved statues, wood carved saints, wood carving in for of statuary, wood carved Fatima, wood carved Lourdes, wood carved Padre Pio, wood carved Medjugorie, wood carved Madonna statues, the carved St. Anthony statue in wood, wood carving Risen Christ, wood carving body of Christ. Besides the wood carvings there is a wide range of wooden furniture and home accessories. Visit this on line shop now!
  • Wooden gift ideas...
    The bomboniera Dolfi is a special wooden gift ideas handmade craft Decor and brings luck to your friends when you get married!
    This are verz special items composed out of 6 natural kinds of wood, warm soft, rounded forms and pleasant to take in hand and cuddle, as to convey warmth and love for the person who gives and who receives it. So is this unique gift that brings us into the world of nature made by various animals that are loved by young and old.
    And as if that was not enough there's more, these animals are wrapped in a casing of straw, in their natural world are ready to transmit the heat and let them dream about receiving.
  • Handmade wooden gift...
    The stone pine wood, also called pinewood, is a fragrant wood with well-known beneficial properties and its habitat is right here in our Alpine region, the mountains of South Tyrol. Its aroma promotes sleep, benefits the psyche and opens the airways. With this precious pinewood, DOLFI has created a new collection that includes fift ideas wood carvded in pinewood, various objects such as ornaments and objects for everyday use. In our stone pine wood collection you will find kitchen bowls such as pinewood walnut holders, pine wood fruit bowls, pine bowls in wood, stone pine wood and pine wood cones or stone pine spherical caps for glass jugs, which aromatize the water and give it an aromatic and very pleasant taste. Stone pine wooden cats to put on the bedside table for children or for those who love to collect the beloved stone pine cat. The magnificent stone pine wooden sculpture of the stone pine wood carved holy family, which gives our home warmth, a symbol of union and love. With the stone pine wooden shavings, we have made stone pine masks from Tyrolean fabric, the stone pine wooden masks contain the fragrant pine shavings, and with every breath you feel this subtle aroma of stone pine wood that benefits you. Our DOLFI with stone pine filled cushions are also famous and we have produced them in various patterns and sizes. As a gift idea made of stone pine wood, the transparent stone pine wood bags made of tulle are also cute and appreciated by those who know the advantages of this popular and coveted stone pine wood.
  • Handmade classic...
    WOODEN TOYS AND GAMES: DOLFI wooden toys, made of this natural material such as wood and hand dyed with bright colors, has a simple design and is natural, original, environmentally friendly and non-toxic toys. Appropriate for all ages from the first months of life, DOLFI wooden toys are fun, friendly and educational. DOLFI wood carved toys stimulate the sense of touch, hearing and imagination of every child and are suitable for all ages from the first months of life. In this collection, DOLFI offers the wooden games of the past that never go out of fashion and are always popular with both adults and children. In this collection you will find both toys for boys and toys for girls. Here you can buy games online, from wooden blocks for building houses, walls and high towers, to the wooden train with letters, the wooden piano, the famous wooden spinning top that spins around itself and goes far away, the simple puzzle with interlocking animals, the wooden gun, the draft horse and much more. Wooden toys and games is not only very important tools for the development of the child, but also help parents in education, and the simpler they are, the more effective they are. The playing child learns to connect with others, exercise the mind by stimulating creativity and imagination.
    Our DOLFI wooden toys are of the highest quality, safe and durable, so your childs can play safely. You can also find many toys on sale in our outlet category, suitable for any occasion. Children love to receive gifts and surprises, not only at Christmas or Easter, or anniversary or a birthday celebration.
    In our headquarters the DOLFILAND in Val Gardena, Italy, there is a play area with colorful tables and chairs for all the little guests who can have fun painting wooden boards and building three-dimensional wooden puzzles. Also outside on the terrace there is a playground for children who can let off steam while mom and dad go shopping in the pretty wooden houses of DOLFILAND.
  • Guardian angels,...
    Dolfi carving wood ornament angels with fine angel wings are true woodcarving collectibles. This fine wood carvings are hand made in Italy in our small village of Ortisei in the Gardena Valley in the heart of the Dolomites mountains of northern Italy. There are various types of Dolfi angels as wood carved guardian angels, wood carved cherub, wood carved angel gabriel, wood carved angel of mercy, wood carved angel com, wood carved my guardian angel, wood carved Anaheim, wood carved angelic angel, wood carved angles, wood carved archangel michael, wood carved cherubs. Dolfi carving wood Angel figures are a perfect gift for Christmas tree decorations.
    Dolfi Wood Carving Angel are perfect for wooden ornaments and angels are spiritual supernatural beings found in many religions. Although the nature of angels and the tasks given to them vary from tradition to tradition, in Christianity, Judaism and Islam, they often act as messengers from God. Other roles in religious traditions include acting as warrior or guard; the concept of a guardian angel is popular in modern Western culture.
    Angels are usually viewed as emanations of a supreme divine being, sent to do the tasks of that being. Traditions vary as to whether angels have free will or are merely extensions of the supreme being's will. While the appearance of angels also varies, many views of angels give them a human shape. Dolfi wood carving Angels, visit the online shop now!
  • Olive wood jewelry...
    DOLFI Olive wood jewelry beads rosary & bracelets made of Italian style olive wood: The rosary is a great gift of God to humanity, because through this wreath we receive extraordinary graces. For some it is an old prayer, it seems monotonous, but then we can testify that the rosary has a real effect of healing, liberation, peace, reconciliation. The DOLFI company in Val Gardena, Italy with a long tradition in woodcarving, has extended the range of articles with olive wooden rosaries.
    The wooden rosary made of olive wood represents humility, poverty and purity. That is why it is obligatory for some religious communities.
    The rosary crown is the traditional instrument for the recitation of the Holy Rosary, but it is also the symbol through which, with the flow of grains, it marks the passage of time in the life of each Christian on his journey of faith.
    Through a complete set of tools, DOLFI realizes each handmade rosary with great care and love. One of the characteristics we are looking more for, when we design our handcrafted rosaries, is undoubtedly the durability of every single wood carved rosary. For this reason, we use Italian olive wood, which is also resistant to water. In the wide range of DOLFI rosaries made of genuine high quality olive wood you can find, among others, rosaries made of wooden beads combined with precious stones or silver roses on the wrist. Innumerable can be the colors, from pastel to more vibrant colors. The crown of the traditional rosary is characterized by the various medals. We offer rosaries with St. Benedict, rosaries with Our Lady of Fatima or Our Lady of Lourdes, rosaries with the Lady of Grace, Rosaries with Saint Rita and Saint Teresa, Rosaries with Saint Anthony, Rosaries with Saint Francis and Saint Joseph, Rosaries with Sacred heart of Mary and Sacred heart of Jesus, rosaries in wood with the Madonna with baby Jesus child, rosaries with the Madonna of Medjugorje, rosaries with saint Jude and also personalized rosaries with different saints on demand or on special request. The DOLFI rosary with crown of St. Michael or Padre Pio is another powerful weapon against evil.
    We consider the needs of each single customer who requires customization for a unique and precious Italian original DOLFI Rosary hand-made in olive wood.
    Let then embrace the whole day of life through this sweet wood carving rosary crown of the DOLFI olive wooden rosaries collections.
  • Wood Watches,...
    This Dolfi wooden watch comes from our exclusive unisex wooden watch collection for men and women, elegant and sporty.
    This creation of our collection of wooden wristwatches is the result of a long tradition of South Tyrolean craftsmanship. The experience and love for nature means that the wood used is selected down to the last detail to make our watches so precious and considered the best wooden watches. As they are made by hand, no two wooden watches are identical, as wood is a living material. The Dolfi wooden wrist watches, are a novelty in the watch market, designed to follow a green and ecological fashion, suitable for those who care about nature. Each one adapts to the wrist and offers a completely different comfort than traditional wristwatches made of steel, metal or plastic. Another strength of our wooden wristwatches is the renewable raw material they represent. A privilege for yourself, and also for the environment. Dolfi wristwatches made of precious woods are real gems, not only beautiful but also extremely functional.
    In our Dolfi extensive collection of wooden watches you will find other different combinations of wooden bracelets with wood and steel, wood and leather or with wood and fabric bracelets and wooden cases, watches with Swarovski stones, traditional or more eccentric models. The wooden watch is an accessory that can define the style of any man or woman: Classic traditional, modern, sporty. Wearing watches made of wood is an ecological choice and a philosophy of life. A wooden watch is light, robust and, due to its naturalness, allergy-free.
    Discover our exclusive wooden wristwatches for men and women and be inspired by our ecologically oriented products. A wooden watch is light, robust and due to its naturalness, allergen free.
    Discover our watches for women and men and let yourself be surprised by our exclusive and unique wooden watches. Dolfi the wristwatch irresistible in wood.
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Showing 1 - 12 of 4205 items