Wood carvings from Val Gardena

DOLFI is the first online store for gift ideas, souvenirs and gifts made of wood of the highest quality. The entire production of sculptures, wooden objects, statues, home accessories, religious objects and sacred art, is made in our workshops DOLFILAND in Ortisei, Italy

The attention to detail is carefully followed by our staff of sculptors, gilders, painters, woodturners, artists and designers, who with passion and years of experience are able to create each woodcarving in a distinctive and unique way.

In addition to the collections of Nativity statuettes, Nativity figures and complete Nativity scenes made of wood, and Holy Families carved in one block, our Master wood sculptors and artists and designers have developed a collection of wooden jewelry, wooden wrist watches and wooden eyeglasses.

The original Black Forest cuckoo clocks collection is one of the jewels of our craftsmanship, which together with the collector wooden dolls enrich the range of Italian gift items and collectibles for any occasion.

The art of wood carving and handicrafts from Val Gardena, in the heart of the Dolomites, boasts 400 years of history and Dolfi has always been the leading wood carving company worldwide.

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  • Nativity scenes...
    Classic symbols of Christmas, our wooden nativity figures bring the magic of the Holy Night. Dolfi sculptures are wood carved and finished by hand from the wood species of our Dolomites. Dolfi wooden nativity scenes preserve the charm of traditional work combined with the modernity of today's tastes. These noble wood nativity sets, expressive and detailed, are carefully packed in their Dolfi cases so that you can celebrate the most beautiful feast of the year with a lively atmosphere. Let's give space to the feeling of experiencing this moment of great intimacy and joy as a family with the holy crib, the shepherds and the animals of the creche. A bright comet star will complete the ensemble, a great ray of light that will animate the signs of universal love for Christ. Let us open our hearts to the arrival of the Child Jesus, the highest ideal of humanity!
  • OUTLET - Clearance and...
    In the Outlet category you are spoilt for choice between many wood carvings, handcrafted artifacts and wooden figurines that Dolfi offers at low prices in the online store.
    Dolfi has created the Outlet category to offer all lovers of wooden items that are at the end of a series or production, in the highest quality.
    You will find collectible sculptures that are no longer available, such as the famous collection of wooden dolls called Free-Standings, the Lisi Martin collection that made a splash in America in the 90s, the wooden sculptures of children's figurines in many models and in all sizes.

    The wooden Christmas Santas from the well-known story of Santa Claus to the articles of the Flash-Collections such as the wooden Christmas Ornaments and the wooden Nativity scenes and the wood crafted Easter collection, which are no longer produced and are therefore all the more sought after. In short, in the Dolfi Outlet you will not find store-bought items, but prestigious gifts that will increase in value over time.
    Have you become curious? Then browse the pages and search the huge assortment, there is certainly a suitable Dolfi wood carved arts and handicraft for you too!
  • Handmade wood carved...
    Dolfi offers you a wide range of gift ideas and home decorations made of high quality wood, finely carved and hand painted, expertly finished. With our selection of decorations and gift ideas you can impress and give emotions on any occasion. The right idea for a special and original gift for her, for him or for the person you love the most. Works of art, decorative items, home accessories, small gadgets made of high quality wood, souvenirs made of wood, presents that make every moment of togetherness and festivity unique. Let's enjoy a small or large novelty with the taste of tradition, respecting nature and the passing of time!
  • Hand carved christian...
    A Christian church statues collection in wood, rich in art, culture and history. Dolfi presents its handmade wood carvings, statues carved in wood in all sizes from 5 inches to 10 foot and more. The wooden figures are presented in various designs (colors) differently: N means wood sculpture made of natural untreated wood, C are the colored wooden statues painted by hand by brush and natural oil colors, 3G means 3 colored stained and glazed, which means that the painter uses only the brown color and shades it in the different gradations, and finally we have the light, medium and dark patinated. This is a special technique where the wood carved statue is being stained with water stain and then brushed with a wax that makes the statue glow. These techniques are done individually for each sculpture, which gives each wood sculpture, originality. No figure of a wooden holy Virgin Lady or Madonna, or wooden crucifix or wooden holy Female woman or wooden holy male man will have the same expression or appearance. This is the big difference between a resin statue and a wooden holy figure.
    In our wide assortment of religious statuary, you do not find the patron saint of your city or of your devotion? Are you looking for a less known Saint statue, but for you important Holy saint? Then contact us, we can realize the wooden custom statue for you on request;
    Just send us a product request of the desired wooden sculpture to and you will receive in the shortest possible time a quote and the delivery date for the production of the wooden sacred statue of your dreams.
  • Certified black forest...
    Dolfi cuckoo clocks are distinguished by their mechanical or quartz movement. The innovative production techniques are combined with the classical traditions that express artistic sensibility in each clock.
    For the production of wall clocks we use different types of wood, highlighting their natural essence that surrounds each cuckoo.
    The shapes of our cuckoo clocks can be of different models, the cottage cuckoo, the elegant cuckoo or the modern cuckoo, all equipped with mechanisms of high scientific precision.
    The decorations of each cuckoo clock are made by hand and add a romantic touch to any room. The main figure of the cuckoo clock carved from wood is the cuckoo, which will cheer up your room with a soft chirp every half or full hour.
    Depending on the model, we also offer cuckoo clocks with hand-carved and hand-painted wooden dancers that sound melodies.
    Cuckoo clocks have a soul and a "beating heart", they hang on the walls and are able to evoke new emotions again and again!
  • Guardian angels,...
    The angels have always been an important reference point for all mankind. Dolfi realizes wooden guardian angels and guardian angels, seraphim and cherubim in wood carved of the highest quality, whose fabulous faces are handmade and crafted for in every detail. Flying angels, sitting angels, walking and standing angels and angel heads, placed on the sides of the bed, above a child's bed or as a special gift; Dolfi wooden angels give a heavenly accent to any occasion. As a gift for the birth of a child, the wooden cherubs have always received a benevolent meaning of protection and guidance.
    Be fascinated by the collection of Dolfi wooden angels carved in precious wood and choose your favorite angel with classic or very modern facial expressions.
  • Wood Watches,...
    The handmade Dolfi accessories for her & for him made of wood can be found only in our store! Besides being light weight to wear, these fashion accessory is made of high quality wood in combination with natural materials and hypoallergenic inserts. The Dolfi fashion jewelry accessories are ecological, unique and add a special touch of originality and curiosity to your look. Discover the natural beauty of our handmade collections such as the colorful wooden sunglasses for men and women, the unisex battery-operated wooden wrist watches and our hand painted natural wooden jewelry, such as the wooden necklaces with wooden pearls, earrings with wooden beads and colored wooden balls, elastic bracelets made of wood in different designs and sizes. You can also find many gift ideas for men made of wood. An original present is the elegant wooden bow tie for the groom or for the guests at a graduation or ceremony. The wooden bow tie is easy to care for and is combined with the handkerchief and wooden pin and is packed in an elegant wooden box Dolfi. A collection rich in colors and shapes, which will convince you not only by its beauty, but also by the simple pleasure of wearing a wooden decorative object. Order online from the convenience of your home and in a few days, you will receive your Dolfi wooden ornaments directly to your home.
  • Olive wood beads...

    The olive wood rosary is a precious piece of jewelry with religious character. It is a symbol of prayer and devotion to our Lord and is available in different lengths and colors. The collection of holy rosaries includes the classic rosary of today made of olive wood with a wooden or steel cross with round or oval shaped beads. Very special is the rosary of St. Francis with the T-shaped cross, called TAU. The sacred rosary is a moment of prayer addressed to God, and therefore for Christians who have a rosary, it is a way to be connected to God and to feel him close to them. Among the various models of traditional wooden rosaries is the heart-shaped rosary made of olive wood. This particularity makes this a very original rosary idea for a wedding gift for First Communion or Confirmation. This rosary is packed in a Dolfi box or in a plain tulle bag with the Dolfi certificate of quality and originality. A symbolic present and gift idea with great spiritual meaning, which will give love and hope to the person you are giving it to. Every Dolfi rosary has a plaque dedicated to a holy man, a holy woman, a church or a place of pilgrimage. Dolfi rosaries are handmade in wood, can be customized upon request and are custom made to size in our workshops in Val Gardena. Did you know that rosaries made of olive wood are perfumed rosaries and have a lasting smell of olive oil? These devotional necklaces are very suitable to be worn as a simple piece of jewelry with special and spiritual meaning.

  • Handmade classic...

    DOLFI wooden toys, made of this natural material such as wood and hand dyed with bright colors, has a simple design and is natural, original, environmentally friendly and non-toxic toys. Appropriate for all ages from the first months of life, DOLFI wooden toys are fun, friendly and educational.
    DOLFI wood carved toys stimulate the sense of touch, hearing and imagination of every child and are suitable for all ages from the first months of life.
    In this collection, DOLFI offers the wooden games of the past that never go out of fashion and are always popular with both adults and children.
    In this collection you will find both toys for boys and toys for girls.

  • Handmade wooden...
    Dolfi Christmas decorations are made with ecological and sustainable wooden materials, limiting the environmental impact and integrating into the surrounding nature. Precious woods such as maple, pine, walnut, laser engraving, combined with Swarovski crystals, create original Xmas Ornaments to decorate your Christmas tree and your home in a special way, according to the latest fashion trends.
    If you are looking for a personalized gift, for yourself or a loved one, Dolfi will meet all your needs. Each home décor is designed to surprise your friends or family.
    In our online store you will find wood carved angels to hang as decorations, wood Christmas balls for your Christmas tree, crystal bells for the table, wood laser made decorations with Swarovski stones to hang on the ceiling.
    But our promotional holiday giveaways do not end here, if you are curious, take a look at all our seasonal crafts in the section, Giftware for Christmas, which we offer.
  • Handmade wooden gift...

    The novelty this year is the category of gift ideas made of mountain pine, known by many as Swiss stone pine.
    Swiss stone pine or also called Alpine pinewood is a highland wood, resistant to cold and water. The spruce tree grows above 1500 meters in the Dolomites Alps and its main characteristic is the intense scent of mountain, forest and nature with its well-known beneficial properties.
    In DOLFILAND in Val Gardena there is the Pine cottage, a small wooden house, dedicated to the collection of noble Zirbel wood articles.

    Dolfi offers a wide range of products such as Swiss stone pine soap, Austrian stone pine oil and Italian stone pine room spray.
    In this collection you can also find the pillows filled with pine and wood shavings and face masks with filled pine chips. With this special local pine wood, we also produce numerous handmade wood carvings, such as the original pine bowls, pine dishes, the pine cats, the natural pine nativity scenes, the pine spinning tops, the decorative pine cones, which can be used as pine stoppers for jugs and pitchers. Discover the Dolfi pine wood products not only online, but also in our gift stores in Padua, Bergamo, Milan, Brennero, Selva di Cadore and Ortisei, as well as in all the stores in Europe and Worldwide, specialized in handicrafts, wood carvings, woodwork and gift ideas made of wood.

  • Wooden gift ideas...
    Dolfi wedding wood carving favours are produced in South Tyrol in the beautiful Val Gardena, Italy, where nature does its best with environmentally friendly and natural products. Straight from the source of our beautiful valley come the wooden objects used as wedding favours, cosy and beautiful.
    For special occasions, Dolfi has enriched its collection with original wooden favours, such as animals of all kinds, personalize pens, toys, household items and more, which are small gift ideas that the bride and groom present as a gesture of appreciation or gratitude to guests at a ceremony, baptism or reception.
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Showing 1 - 12 of 4472 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 4472 items

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The online store offers many handcrafted collections of wooden religious statues, sacred statues, female saints such as sculptures of holy women, male statues of holy men, sculptures of wooden Madonna’s, wooden crucifixes, spiritual statues made of fiberglass, statuettes of guardian angels and cherubs, Tyrolean cuckoo clocks, wooden Gifts and Souvenirs, Christmas decorations, wood carved Santa Claus, handmade wood Animals and many other hand crafted personalized custom items carved on commission from wood.

Our specialty, however, are the wooden nativity scenes that meet all the needs of our nativity scene collectors, as well as the German-Spanish- French- Portuguese speaking and all international Nativity Scene lovers who specialize in the Nativity Sets technique of wooden crèche figurines, crib scene accessories and in the construction of wooden Christmas decorations and Ornaments.

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