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  • Wood sculptures clearance

    The wood craft in Val Gardena has a long tradition in wood carving, passed down from father to son for centuries.
    Our company Dolfi has been producing woodcarvings since 1892.
    The Italian craftsmanship is our identity, which includes the culture of woodcarving, the choice of wood as raw material, for the realization of our sculptures carved and painted entirely by hand.
    But who says that buying or making a beautiful gift carved in wood has to cost a fortune?

    We are pleased to present a collection of inexpensive, original and pleasant gift tips in wood.
    On our online website, in the category of gift ideas and wood carvings that are inexpensive, you will find a wide selection of inexpensive and reduced gift ideas made of wood, such as the traditional wooden dolls, the delicate bouquets of wooden flowers finely carved in maple wood, the farm girls made entirely of wood surrounded by wooden animals such as rabbits, chickens and birds.
    These funny little carved wooden dolls are highly appreciated as Christening gifts, Mother's Day gifts, graduation gifts for Kids such as a girl or boy.

    Delicate wooden child figurines and sculptures can also be added to the same carved wooden statues.
    A wooden wedding anniversary gift that is sure to be well received and inexpensive.
    If you are looking for a personalized gift for your doctor, pharmacist or Lawyer, Dolfi offers the finely carved wooden sculptures representing the professions.
    If you love the carved wood high quality crafts, do not miss this opportunity and choose a handmade wooden product at a reasonable price in our OUTLET SHOP under the section Wood Carving Sculptures Clearance SALE PRICE!!!

  • Religious Statues in wood
    Our company Dolfi produces religious articles and sacred objects, all handmade by the skilled hands of our sculptors and artisans of Val Gardena.
    The quality of the wood carvings Dolfi is guaranteed by the careful selection of the raw material, real wood, the fine hand painting with oil paints to the packaging with a certificate of guarantee that accompanies each work of art.
    The sacred Dolfi sculptures in wood carved are suitable for various occasions such as special gifts for baptisms, wedding favors, religious events or simply for the variety of gifts to be made for any loved one.

    The wide range of wooden religious items in our online shop is offered at exceptional special prices in the religious items outlet category, where you can find wooden Madonnas, the saint figurines carved entirely by hand, finely carved angels, wood crafted crucifixes worked by our experienced carvers.
    The Dolfi wood carvings and wooden figures are great value woodcarvings and wooden statues collection. Discover and choose with passion the artistic wooden figurines and sacred sculptures that will take you by the hand and touch your heart.
  • Wooden Santa Claus...
    Dolfi's collection of maple wood Santas is designed to beautify and infuse a Christmas spirit into our homes.
    The wooden Santa Claus are finely carved in every detail and hand-painted with oil paints.
    The Christmas Santas Dolfi reflect the tradition and culture Dolfi in the creation of wood carvings. On our online site you can find many versions of wooden Santas in the world.
    The wooden Babysanta can be thought of as an ornament to beautify the living room, give Christmas atmosphere in the kitchen, embellish and brighten the children's room with cuddly and traditional wooden Santas.

    The Santa Claus is an imaginary character who is often represented with a red jacket and white pants with a thick white beard that at Christmas brings joy, gifts and presents to children around the world.
    The figure of the Holy Father was born from a true story of a bishop named Nicholas, who lived in the 4th century in Myra in Turkey and is venerated as a Saint by the Catholic Church for all his good deeds.
    The statue of St. Nicholas is depicted with the gospel book in his hand and three golden balls. The three gold balls represent three bags of coins that Saint Nicholas gave to three girls who were forced into prostitution to pay off their father's debts.
    He is honored as the saint who cares for all children. St. Nicholas' name day is December 6 and on this date, in many parts of the world especially in Northern Europe as well as in Russia he is honored and brings special gifts for children.
    In the United States the feast of the patron saint Nicholas is celebrated on December 24, the Christmas holiday.
  • Nativity Scene wood...
    Our wood carvings are hand made until 40cm/16inch. and carved in fine selected dried maple wood, the wooden figures over 40cm/16inch. are also hand made but carved in the softer selected dried linden wood.
    All our wooden scuptures are hand painted with oil coloures by brush, in the Dolfi Studios from our professional artists . Oil coloures are used to give to the wood carved figure a natural and unique look.

    On this hand made woodcarving, there are over 70 processes, that only skilled hands that learned the job over many years, can create.
    This procedure allows us to produce unique wood carved collectibles for all our funs ins over 60 countries worldwide.
  • 3D wooden Puzzles for...
    A unique gift: the 3D puzzle made of wood.
    The scenario is familiar: A child's birthday is coming up and you are looking for the ideal gift. Inevitably, it should be something special. Our recommendation is the fantastic 3D wooden puzzle.
    Carved in lime wood with careful workmanship by the expert hands of our artists from Val Gardena.
    The roundness that accompanies each piece of the wooden 3D puzzle gives each component the special and unique three-dimensional effect.

    Each sculptured wood 3D Puzzle is individually packaged in a beautiful gift box Dolfi, accompanied by its own certificate of authenticity, along with a brochure of the entire range of games 3D Dolfi Jigsaw Puzzle.
    A gift suitable for any occasion and for any age.
    Our collection of the 3D prigsaw puzzles includes many models, so that every little puzzle lover will have his favorite.
    There are 3d- wooden-puzzles of planes, trains, cars, many animals and a wide selection of Christmas characters.

    Each and every one of these all-natural all-wood 3D puzzles is suitable for even the littlest ones when they inevitably put them in their mouths.
    Each assembly 3D puzzle wood carved is not only brings fun, but also promotes concentration and dexterity.
    After playing, the 3D puzzle becomes an attractive eye-catcher in the children's room.
    Carved and handmade from lime wood, the 3D wooden Puzzles for kids and adults clearance, is the right choice for any birthday party.
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Showing 1 - 12 of 669 items
In this section part of the range of online sales of gift items and woodworking Dolfi are on offer and end of series. Dolfi items are produced by its own expert sculptors in Ortisei, in Val Gardena, Castelrotto, in the heart of the Dolomites, Bolzano, in Trentino Alto Adige.
The distribution of professional gift items of the collections, offers for Christmas gift, are of different types such as: Articles for individuals, articles for stores, wholesale articles.
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