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Gift items made of wood are very popular and sought after by both children and adults. Dolfi Wood carving company has dealt with these articles and created a series of wooden keychains, wooden bookmarks and wooden pencils, which depict the most popular animals and are sought after by both children and collectors. In addition to animals such as the cat, the dog, the teddy bear, the frog king, the snail, the cow, the sheep and many others, you will also find these cute motifs with the heart, with the car, the sailboat, the guardian angel, the oar, Santa Claus and many others. These items are all customizable and you can create very original wooden gifts with them. You especially like the pencil with the lucky beetle and you want to write a date in it? Or a name? Send us your idea and we will implement it!Translated with (free version)
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Showing 1 - 12 of 114 items
A DOLFI wooden keychain is a gift idea that is very simple, smart and above all useful. In this collection, DOLFI has created the keychain with a steel carabiner that makes it easy to insert your house keys, car keys, keys for the office and work.
The special thing about these key chains is that they are immediately found in your pocket, because the shape of an animal or a heart makes it easy to recognize the shape when you touch it.
Especially popular is the heart-shaped key ring, the wooden key ring for women, which you can customize by engraving a phrase, a date or a simple, I love you. The engravings on key charms are done with a laser pen.

Especially popular is the heart-shaped keychain, the keychain for women Dolfi, which you can customize by engraving a phrase, a date or a simple, I love you. The engravings on keychains are made with a laser pen and the writing is done legibly and very clean. We can make any custom engraving on our Dolfi wood keychain.
We offer custom keychains with date, or wooden keychains with custom name and even keychains with custom logo and different types of wood.
A very popular gift idea is the personalized keychain for men and the wooden keychain for good luck.
The cheap gadget keychains are a great gift idea for your customers, also the gadget keychain for kids could be a nice idea to give for an important event.

The original DOLFI natural wood keychain ideas wooden Pencil Bookmark can be purchased in all our Dolfi stores and on this website. By scrolling down our web pages, see all the models we offer.
Choose the wooden keychain of your favorite animal or give to those who collect their favorite animals, such as the keychain of the cat, the keychain as a dog, the keychain as a heart, the keychain angel, the keychain bear, the keychain boat, the keychain angel, the keychain new house, the keychain car, the keychain Santa Claus, the keychain as nut, the keychain fish, the keychain bee, the keychain hen, the keychain ladybug, the keychain giraffe the keychain as owl, the fish and many other nice gift ideas. Have fun during shopping!