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Showing 1 - 12 of 51 items
The stone pine wood, also called pinewood, is a fragrant wood with well-known beneficial properties and its habitat is right here in our Alpine region, the mountains of South Tyrol.
Its aroma promotes sleep, benefits the psyche and opens the airways.
With this precious pinewood, DOLFI has created a new collection that includes handmade gift ideas wood carved in pinewood, various objects such as ornaments and objects for everyday use.
In our stone pine wood collection, you will find kitchen bowls such as pinewood walnut holders, pine wood fruit bowls, pine bowls in wood, stone pine wood and pine wood cones or stone pine spherical caps for glass jugs, which aromatize the water and give it an aromatic and very pleasant taste.
Stone pine wooden cats to put on the bedside table for children or for those who love to collect the beloved stone pine cat.

The magnificent stone pine wooden sculpture of the stone pine wood carved holy family, which gives our home warmth, a symbol of union and love.
With the stone pine wooden shavings, we have made stone pine masks from Tyrolean fabric, the stone pine wooden masks contain the fragrant pine shavings, and with every breath you feel this subtle aroma of stone pine wood that benefits you.
Our DOLFI with stone pine filled cushions are also famous and we have produced them in various patterns and sizes.
As a gift idea made of stone pine wood, the transparent stone pine wood bags made of tulle are also cute and appreciated by those who know the advantages of this popular and coveted stone pine wood.