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Beautiful collection of wooden DOLFI dolls that includes, in addition to the classic female dolls, such as Anna doll, Sofia doll, Monica doll, Elena doll, Erica doll, Marisa doll, Barbara doll, also three male dolls named Peter, Andrea and Matteo.
DOLFI hand made dolls are known all over the world, they are wooden dolls that look real, made in our workshops in the factory Dolfi Ortisei in Val Gardena in the famous region of Trentino South Tyrol, Italy.
The DOLFI Wood Dolls have a hand-painted face with a sweet and melancholic look, the arms and legs are made of wood, while the body is soft and stuffed with absorbent cotton, as a jointed doll.
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Showing 1 - 12 of 18 items
The original wooden dolls for dressing have noble clothes in delicate colors, models sewn exclusively by hand by our staff. The woolen sweaters and jackets are knitted from pure new wool in various colors, the blouses and dresses are hand-embroidered with precious lace.
All real hair dolls have natural hair glued in and the colors vary from ash blond to copper red to brown. The DOLFI collectible and handcrafted dolls have hairstyles with attention to detail and are combed and have different hairstyles such as braids or hair collected at the nape of the neck.
The first wooden dolls of Dolfi were created in 1980 and continue the old-fashioned dolls of the past, which, contrary to many claims, are not porcelain dolls, but real collector wooden dolls. Today, the handmade wooden doll with soft body is a much admired and sought after art object not only by collectors, but also by lovers and lovers of beautiful handmade dolls. This dress-up soft body wooden doll is 30 cm high and can sit independently without assistance.
Each made from wood doll has its own certificate of origin and quality and on the foot is her first name and serial number.