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The olive wood rosary is a precious piece of jewelry with religious character. It is a symbol of prayer and devotion to our Lord and is available in different lengths and colors. The collection of holy rosaries includes the classic rosary of today made of olive wood with a wooden or steel cross with round or oval shaped beads. Very special is the rosary of St. Francis with the T-shaped cross, called TAU. The sacred rosary is a moment of prayer addressed to God, and therefore for Christians who have a rosary, it is a way to be connected to God and to feel him close to them. Among the various models of traditional wooden rosaries is the heart-shaped rosary made of olive wood. This particularity makes this a very original rosary idea for a wedding gift for First Communion or Confirmation. This rosary is packed in a Dolfi box or in a plain tulle bag with the Dolfi certificate of quality and originality. A symbolic present and gift idea with great spiritual meaning, which will give love and hope to the person you are giving it to. Every Dolfi rosary has a plaque dedicated to a holy man, a holy woman, a church or a place of pilgrimage. Dolfi rosaries are handmade in wood, can be customized upon request and are custom made to size in our workshops in Val Gardena. Did you know that rosaries made of olive wood are perfumed rosaries and have a lasting smell of olive oil? These devotional necklaces are very suitable to be worn as a simple piece of jewelry with special and spiritual meaning.

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DOLFI Olive wood jewelry beads rosary & bracelets made of Italian style olive wood: The rosary is a great gift of God to humanity, because through this wreath we receive extraordinary graces. For some it is an old prayer, it seems monotonous, but then we can testify that the rosary has a real effect of healing, liberation, peace, reconciliation. The DOLFI company in Val Gardena, Italy with a long tradition in woodcarving, has extended the range of articles with olive wooden rosaries.
The wooden rosary made of olive wood represents humility, poverty and purity. That is why it is obligatory for some religious communities.
The rosary crown is the traditional instrument for the recitation of the Holy Rosary, but it is also the symbol through which, with the flow of grains, it marks the passage of time in the life of each Christian on his journey of faith.
Through a complete set of tools, DOLFI realizes each handmade rosary with great care and love. One of the characteristics we are looking more for, when we design our handcrafted rosaries, is undoubtedly the durability of every single wood carved rosary. For this reason, we use Italian olive wood, which is also resistant to water. In the wide range of DOLFI rosaries made of genuine high quality olive wood you can find, among others, rosaries made of wooden beads combined with precious stones or silver roses on the wrist. Innumerable can be the colors, from pastel to more vibrant colors. The crown of the traditional rosary is characterized by the various medals. We offer rosaries with St. Benedict, rosaries with Our Lady of Fatima or Our Lady of Lourdes, rosaries with the Lady of Grace, Rosaries with Saint Rita and Saint Teresa, Rosaries with Saint Anthony, Rosaries with Saint Francis and Saint Joseph, Rosaries with Sacred heart of Mary and Sacred heart of Jesus, rosaries in wood with the Madonna with baby Jesus child, rosaries with the Madonna of Medjugorje, rosaries with saint Jude and also personalized rosaries with different saints on demand or on special request. The DOLFI rosary with crown of St. Michael or Padre Pio is another powerful weapon against evil.
We consider the needs of each single customer who requires customization for a unique and precious Italian original DOLFI Rosary hand-made in olive wood.
Let then embrace the whole day of life through this sweet wood carving rosary crown of the DOLFI olive wooden rosaries collections.