Wooden Gifts and Presents for men

Every man, to stand out from the crowd and keep up with the fashion trends of the moment, needs to get the best accessories and gift ideas for men to complete and perfect his look. From shoes to ties, from wood watches to pocket squares. Our company Dolfi, founded in 1892 in South Tyrol Italy, has always tried to innovate to meet the most specific needs. This is how the unique wooden accessories and gift ideas for men were developed. They are made of different types of wood, such as maple, semi-hard wood characterized by a distinct light grain, walnut, very valuable, with natural grain that goes to black, or solid wood, strong and bright.
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Showing 1 - 12 of 12 items
Dolfi men's accessories and gift sets in wood vary from "wooden glasses" to classic wooden wristwatches, focusing on sustainability and respect for the environment, while following the most modern fashion trends. The range of wooden watches DOLFI is very wide and includes different models in different price ranges.

For the discerning man, but who wants to make an environmentally friendly choice, our designers have created wooden bow tie, a timeless accessory, a symbol of male elegance.
Times change, seasons pass, but the charm of the wooden bow tie never fades. It is an evergreen among accessories, for years it was worn only on special occasions. Also called butterfly tie or wooden bow tie, the papillon wood carved by the sculptors DOLFI, are comfortable and lightweight, and thanks to the imagination and skill of our craftsmen, this accessory of wooden bow tie is enriched with fine decorations and combined with cotton and colored silk, the DOLFI bow tie made of wood is easily adjustable and comfortable to wear.

To complete your look as a sophisticated man, the Dolfi wooden bow tie was supplemented with cufflinks, brooch and pocket squares, always matching the colors of the wooden fly itself. The DOLFI wooden box with innovative design becomes the perfect idea as a special gift and souvenir for all occasions.
If you want to stand out and participate to events, weddings, parties and anniversaries, this wooden bow tie is the best choice.
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