Wooden carved angel figurines

Dolfi is a company from Val Gardena in South Tyrol founded in 1892.
For years we have been producing wooden angels, famous worldwide for their handcrafted production and the high quality of the raw material. We select the finest woods such as maple, linden and pine wood.
The term angel means messenger, a force emanated directly from God to send messages of life to people.
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Showing 1 - 12 of 90 items
Dolfi Wood carved Angels are beautiful with harmonious shapes, sweet and nice faces and hand painted colors are delicate and light as silk.
The finely crafted angels represent prayers, wishes and messages of good wishes. With the wood carving statue of an angel Dolfi you hit directly to the heart whether for a gift, a gift, a collection.
The large collection of handmade wooden angels offers different types of cherubs.
Wood angels with musical instruments represent angelic music and blend divine harmony with the harmony of creation.

Dolfi made of wooden angels are carved in both modern and classic styles. The angels Dolfi carved in wood are a gift idea for musicians, children who play a musical instrument, or simply a gift for those who love music.
The most traditional angels but no less special are the angels in wood Dolfi that transmit joy, optimism, love. Angels sculpted with the heart in the hand, sign of love, the praying angel symbol of fidelity to God, the dove, symbol of peace and many others.
For all occasions, for a loved one, a baptism a ceremony for yourself, the wooden Dolfi angel finely carved and hand painted will give a romantic touch to your every event.