Necklaces and wooden charms

Unique necklaces and bracelets, jewellery from the Dolomites
Necklaces and bracelets made of fabric with flower motive from the Dolomites and Swarovski crystal. Typical accessories for women who value elegance and tradition.
The Sissy collection is inspired by the edelweiss, a flower which grows in the Dolomites. Discover our exclusive bracelets and necklaces with wooden charms.
The Sissy collection is composed of necklaces and bracelets in fabric with the symbol of the Dolomites, the edelweiss flower.
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Showing 1 - 12 of 94 items
Thanks to the light-weight materials used, such as fabric and maple wood, it is a great pleasure to wear our jewellery.
Despite the innovative material, our necklaces and bracelets have a strong link with the tradition of woodcarving and with the nature of the Dolomites.
In fact, the alpine flower sculptured in wood reminds us of the beauty of nature and Swarovski crystals give our jewellery a touch of elegance and sensuality.
For those who wish to personalise our necklaces and bracelets, wooden charms with the initials offer a perfect way to emphasise the individuality of your accessory from the Dolomites.

The necklaces and bracelets of the Sissy collection can be combined with sporty clothes given their elasticity and durance and are also a suitable accessory for a more elegant and outstanding style.
In addition, the alpine style with wooden elements of the mountains of our jewellery match perfectly with typical dresses from South Tyrol like the Dirndl.
As an alternative to the traditional edelweiss flower, we designed jewellery with a rose made of walnut wood. Bracelets and necklaces with a wooden rose are romantic and a gift and symbol for love.
Discover our typical bracelets and necklaces from South Tyrol, unique and authentic accessories from the Dolomites with a casual-chic style.