Flying wooden animals

These famous and original wooden swinging figurines are a type of toy used mainly by children during the world wars.
The wooden swinging figure is a simple toy, created with springs from various machines that were destroyed or no longer work. They were and are the predecessors of the famous "Yo-yo" wire.
The original swing figures or pendulum figures made of wood have never "died out" and are still appreciated, both by children and adults.
The DOLFI company was one of the first to produce these wooden games, having been founded in 1892. Today, after 130 years, DOLFI still produces toys by hand, maintaining the style and hand-painted motifs as in the past.

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In this, swinging wooden characters and pendant animals, collection you will find the following hanging wooden animals for spring: the parrot, the deer, the reindeer, the dragon, the frog, the white owl, the spider, the ladybug, the goat, the seahorse, the owl, the whale, the sheep, the goat, the ant, the white horse, the angel with heart and many others. They are mainly used as wooden gifts for kids, toys for kids and babies, DIY Christmas, garden decorations, home decorations, decorations, Christmas decorations, Easter decorations, etc.
These Swing figurines and hanging ornaments are also called wooden bouncy beads, and are hand-painted with oil paints.
In addition to the long history and special features that characterize the company DOLFI, we use only natural wood for ecological attention and respect for the surrounding nature in which the factory is located.
That's right, not only DOLFI has a story to tell, but also the place where it is located, namely Val Gardena in the heart of the South Tyrolean Dolomites. This valley is a world leader in this field of woodcarving.
For centuries the most beautiful and famous woodcarvings have been made in Val Gardena, among which DOLFI is the oldest company.
With the experience you will have with a wooden product from DOLFI - wooden animals to hang and flying wooden figures on spring of swinging sculptures and pendulum figures in wood, you play it safe!