Angel Heads in wood

ANGELS' HEADS wood carved in maple:
In South Tyrol, a land full of history and culture, lies the idyllic Val Gardena, where the ancient tradition of handicrafts is still alive today.
Characteristic are the old farmhouses with the traditional parlors where farmers used to gather to warm up during the long, cold winter days.
One of the most common and typical details is the interior paneling, made entirely of pine wood, with an abundance of details and artistic ornaments.
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Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items
The small angel heads carved in wood that decorate this traditional room do not go unnoticed on the stone walls.
Angel heads made of finely carved maple wood.
The expressive heavenly eyes, curly hair and wings finely gilded with gold leaf give these works of art a touch of wonder. Very nice gift idea for special occasions like birthday, wedding, graduation or for certain religious holidays like Christmas.
The reliable and reassuring faces of these wooden angels DOLFI will cheer, warm and relax your days.