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The DOLFI world of wood is also expanding in tools and kitchen utensils made of wood.
The wood is widely used in the kitchen because it is practical to use and clean, and because it is a natural material that does not alter the ingredients of food.
The romantic line of dark walnut wood with various heart-shaped inlays is complemented by wooden serving and saucers, bread containers of various sizes, square or round bowls, coasters, simple but versatile wooden cutting boards and candle holders that decorate and illuminate the table.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 42 items

All these wooden items are not only functional, but also ideal for individual and valuable gift ideas for various occasions.
Fun, practical and economical kitchen scoops made of beech wood with the inlay of owl, deer, heart, flower and many other motifs.
Wood carved Kitchen utensils are also nice to give as a gift and can be personalized. Very valuable is the collection in olive wood, beautiful to look at and durable.
Part of this collection are olive wooden bowls in different sizes, for bread, fruit, vegetables, as the small olivewood trays for the sugar sachets and the wooden containers for tea from the various spices.
The entire collection can be found in the category articles and kitchen objects and Kitchen accessories handmade in wood.